Alcohol Pads B. Braun Làm sạch da

Miếng lau có cồn dùng một lần, bão hòa với 70% isopropyl alcohol. Kích thước:30x65mm


Đóng gói kín trong túi giấy bạc, sẵn sàng sử dụng
An**** These are awesome!!! Every now and then, after not drinking for over a year, I like to have an occasional drink, especially if its a holiday. Of course I calculate about how long it takes a drink to go through my system, but these give me the reassurance I need in order to enjoy it. These work very well. The first time I used them, in order to test them out, I tried them a half hour I had a drink, and the lined turned purple like it was supposed to. I also tested it throughout the night after my last drink and the strips slowly started to lighten, until the last one was white. That's when the alcohol was out of my system. These are so easy to use, I just squirt a little breast milk onto the strip until it is covered. Love this and highly recommend them! I buy a lot of products on Amazon, and I rely on people's review before purchasing. If my review has been helpful, please click the Yes button below. Thanks and I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do!!
Au**** I got these neat little strips as a baby shower gift. I’m not sure about the accuracy of them , but I’ll go over my observations given the few times I’ve used them. My baby’s health is my #1 concern and I’m sure if you’re looking at these and you probably feel the same. I think knowing your body and using common sense is the most important. First experience: I used these on the 4th of July. I had about 5 Jello shots and one mixed drink. I tested my milk about an hour after the consumption and it tested that I was ok to breastfeed. I felt buzzed and didn’t really feel comfortable feeding him, so I pumped once before bed and then breastfed him in the morning. This experience made me a little hesitant to rely on them 100%. Second experience: I went out for the night with my hubby and some friends. I drank a significant amount of alcohol. I would say I drank about 4 mixed drinks and took about 4 shots of vodka (I hate to make myself sound bad here, but I want to be accurate). I am an ER nurse and do a lot of breathalyzers and blood alcohol levels on patients, so I feel like I can kind of estimate what my BAL would be. I would guess I was about a 0.2 (I didn’t drive and had a babysitter at home). I started drinking at about 6pm and finished around 10pm. I got home and tested my milk at 11pm. The strip turned dark, much darker than the box showed. I woke up at 1am to pump and dump. It still showed dark. Alcohol leaves the blood at about 0.02 per hour. So if I was remotely accurate with my guess my milk should be alcohol free by about 10am. At 9am I tested it again and it showed that it was clean. I pumped and dumped one more time for good measure and fed him at 10am. He was slightly cranky for a few hours and his poop smell different. I freaked out and was so worried that I fed him bad milk. By early afternoon he was his normal happy self. Sorry to bore you with a drawn out account of my experience, but I like having facts and details, so if you’re like me it might help. I think these are great strips, but I would error on the side of caution and pump and dump an extra time after it reads clean. Then again, I think it depends on how much you consume and how soon you plan to feed baby. An average woman who has a glass of wine after baby goes to bed and baby sleeps 6+ hours, I don’t think you even really need to test the milk. But, if you plan on having a significant amount of alcohol these are helpful. As always, use good judgement.
S** I would always worry if I had alcohol in my system before pumping so these strips gave me a piece of mind. Just remember, put a timer on for 2 minutes and look at the strip. I didn't read that part and at one point was testing my milk and it kept coming out positive after 12 hours. That would've made sense if I would been drinking a lot but not with the 1 glass of bourbon I had the night before! I started to do my research and realized that of you wait longer than 2 minutes it will not be accurate.
Arie******* This was a wonderful thing to have over the Thanksgiving holiday. I wanted to give it a fair test run to assure they worked. I had a nice supply of expressed milk built up, so it wouldn't be an issue for me to pump and dump. I had 3 beers at 11% alcohol in about 1.5- 2 hours. A half hour or so after my last one, I pinched a little milk into a strip and it was a dark brown. A couple hours later, I did it again and it was a very light brown to tan. So I pumped and dumped, then after a couple more hours I tried again and the color didn't change on the test strips. It was nice that I could see the levels getting lower in my milk as time passed with the color change getting lighter. Hope this helps!
D* After a year of not even a sip I though these would give my wife the peace of mind to enjoy a drink without worrying about nursing. I was right, it eases her mind to know that there is no alcohol being passed on during breastfeeding.
Brand******** Very accurate. Some reviews stated these strips didn't work for them, however I found them to be totally accurate. (I tested them when I drank as well as when I had not had a drink at all) These strips are a must-have if you're breastfeeding and want to be safe while drinking!
So*** I chose not to drink my entire pregnancy and carried that through as I exclusively breastfed for the first 3 months. When I went back to work I continued to exclusively provide breastmilk through pumping and bottles given by nanny as well as breastfeediNg whenever I was able to. And I went back to my occasional glasses of wine and perhaps a cocktail here and there with work functions or just to take a break with friends. Timing and amounts of alcohol are carefully timed to ensure that my milk isn’t tainted but sometimes it’s just not possible to get it perfectly right. These strips have given me peace of mind time and time again and has therefore given me more freedom and flexibility to manage my life as a mother..
Lil**** This product has been very benificial in helping me have a piece of mind after drinking. The test strips are easy to use and can detect alcohol in milk in as little as 2 minutes. I carry these test strips in my pump bag for outings in case I decide to have a drink and plan to nurse my baby at a later time. I find that the value box on Amazon is cheaper than buying the smaller boxes in department stores.
Flibe******** I bought these for a trip to Vegas away from my baby while breastfeeding. I’m not certain they work because I never tested positive - I don’t think. It’s tough to tell as the color change can be subtle. But upon my return, my baby never got drunk on the milk I brought home, so that’s a good sign.
Ro**** I love being able to test my milk alcohol level after a glass of wine or two. I have no complaints and would recommend this product to any nursing moms who want reassurance. My only complaint was my last packect strip was empty and their not cheap so it was dissapointing to open the very last one and couldnt test my milk so ended up dumping it. But thats not a product defect its a packing defect.

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