Almarys® Twin+ Uro Urostomy pouches

Almarys® Twin+ Uro pouch is a two-piece pouch for the collection of urine for any person having undergone a surgery of the urostomy type. It provides patient:

  • An anti reflux valve to prevent back flow of urine
  • A unique drain tap (increased security, increased comfort, easier handling)
  • A universal connector to connect urine night bags

Almarys® Twin+ Uro pouches exist in diameters 40, 50 and 60 mm in transparent bags (to check the color of urine) and obviously with no filter as there is no problem of gas or odor in this pathology.

Almarys® Twin+ Uro pouches are to be used with the corresponding base plates.

Range of Application




Artemisi*********** Highly adjustable. I keep one pack in the brace, and the other in the freezer. When the one in the brace melts I microwave it to get heat. Then when that cools off it goes in the freezer. I pop in the other frozen pack, and the cycle starts again. My Oh-My-God-Could-Not-Move back pain was mostly gone in three days.
V* This is a well made tight adjustable brace, good for the money, even if a little stiff. The harsh lower edges makes it a little uncomfortable while sitting. Other than that, very efficient.
an*** The product works very well, it really helps keep pressure off my lower back. The pocket for heat and cold packs is really nice as well. It’s an added bonus to the support it gives.
Haile******* I love this back brace, it gives a lot of support.
Amazon******** Great fit support and easy to apply
tr*** Great !!!
1 Co***** So surprised with just how comfortable this back brace is! I really like how you're able to adjust the level of support by using the 2 elastic velcro straps. I haven't had a chance to try the hot/cold pack pouch, but am sure it's going to work great - it's just the right size.
* Good product, look exactly like on a picture, true to size, fast delivery recommended
* Good back relief.
james******** This is the first back brace I've ever had, I recently started walking and the more I would walk the more my back would hurt, and would start hurting around the 2 mile mark. The difference when I strap this on is night & day, I'm not lying when I say I can walk like I was in my twenty's. It makes my back feel so good that I feel like I could start jogging (baby steps though). Before, walking seemed like a chore that I dreaded, now I actually like it.

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