Arthroscopy Hook Electrodes Better approach to small joints

  • Single use mini hook electrode for small joints (length 2.0 mm).
  • Single use electrode for arthroscopic operations (different hook lengths 2.5 / 3.5 / 4.5 mm).
  • Single use ball electrodes for arthroscopic operations (diameter 3.5 mm).


  • Operation technique is easy to learn
  • Better approach to small joints
  • No sharp edges
  • Can be used as palpation hook
John***** Bowled a 300 first time using it... NOT! If you think this wrist support is gonna "give you extra hook" or "increase your average" you're looking at the wrong problem. Go back to the basics and keep practicing its definitely you doing something wrong in either your release or approach. That being said. Apparently I do not keep my wrist straight when I bowl and I got this and I bowled better. I would get the next size up then what you think it should be. I got medium because I wear medium gloves and it doesnt work like that. I should've got large. Its nicely made and I found myself not using the pointer finger gaurd with my 3rd game because it was uncomfortable for me. Overall it's a nice gaurd made well. I reccomend it
m** Good wrist support and did give me extra revs. The reason I had to buy is because of a wrist injury and have continued to wear it after my wrist healed. I have bowled for years and carry a 210 ave. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to increase revs and looking for a consistent ball role. Only con is it does get alittle warm after 3 games.
R* I'm a tendonitis-inflicted writer/photographer/digital artist so my wrist and index finger are constantly under stress. This is a wonderful wrist brace that holds my wrist comfortably and firmly in place while also fully extending my index finger (mouse finger/trigger finger). It feels glorious when my index finger is strained and exhausted. Worth every penny.
Br** Gave this a try to replace an old Cobta Wrist Guard and I have to say I like this one better than the Cobra. A little on the hotter side due to the material but extremely comfortable and works well.
And***** This definitely helped make me more consistent. It's not clumsy at all; it feels very natural. I don't strap my index finger in though. Having my index finger on the ball just feels better.
John ******** I broke my wrist years ago and it wasn't set correctly so I need a brace to stabilize my wrist. This brace definitely does that but with my finger in the little strap really puts a hook on my bowling ball which already has a hook built in to it. I use it now without putting my index finger into the little strap so that the brace just acts as a wrist stabilizer. If you need more hook on your bowling ball I definitely recommend this wrist brace.
FgE***** Works great and is comfortable. Doesn't get in the way of bowling. My dad kept barrowing and made me buy him one too because it got him a few more revs. lol.
David******* This product works quite well. Really improved my game.
ste***** It was well made and had plenty of padding, I had never used one before so it will take some getting use to.
* Fits great does help get extra hook on the ball.

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