Askina® DresSil Sacrum Silicone Dressings

Askina® DresSil Sacrum is a self adherent foam dressing with a 1,5 cm border for simple use and more security. Its triangular shape suits well to sacral area.

With its soft silicone adhesive on one side and a vapor permeable waterproof film on the other, Askina® DresSil Sacrum combines the absorption capacity of the foam with the soft adhesion of the silicone contact layer:

  • Protective polyurethane film: highly breathable – waterproof - bacteria barrier
  • Hydrophilic foam layer: regulates moisture - soft and conformable - excellent absorption capacity
  • Silicone adhesive layer: atraumatic - open structure to let exudates pass into the absorbent foam



  • Gentle and secure adherence
  • Minimized trauma during dressing changes(1)
  • Significant absorption capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Good adaptability on difficult-to-dress areas and skin contours
  • Repositionable: can be cut to shape
  • Improves patient comfort
  • Hypoallergenic

(1)Thomas S Atraumatic dressings. WorldWideWounds, 2003.


Askina® Foam Sacrum is indicated for the management of moderately exuding chronic wounds situated on sacral area. Askina® DresSil Sacrum may also be used for the prevention of skin breakdown.


Mo*** These are my favorite compression socks and so comfortable. I have had some compression socks that are very difficult to put on but these are not and so comfortable to wear all day. I was told by my physician to try compression socks as I sit most of the day at a desk and was having problems with circulation ~ these helped and my legs feel great at then end of the day. I would recommend you to try if you are looking for a comfortable, affordable compression sock. I actually have this sock in black, brown, and blue and able to wear them under dress pants for work. The brown is a different shade but I am able to wear another pair of socks over to match my pants.
W** I really like these socks. They are a bit pricey, but after reading the reviews... why not try a pair? They are now my favorite sock. I have major edema problems from a year long illness. Some other socks just don't compress enough, and some that do compress enough give me major cramping in the toes after about 8 hours. That's not such a bit deal, as for some reason they don't cramp until I sit down and take off my shoes to remove the socks, and the cramps go away immediately. When I put these on, I thought I'd been suckered again. These had no compression to speak of! Then I took them off and my feet were as good as they ever have been since I got sick! No swelling! Okay, I was wrong about the 'no compression to speak of'. They worked really well. Apparently that graduated compression is the real deal. I just ordered more Travelsox. I just wish they weren't so expensive, but they are really well built, a bit bulkier than other socks, but I like that. I got medium socks and wear 9-10.5 shoes, depending on time of day <grin>.
Amazon******** These socks work better than all the more expensive athletic compression socks. Fabric has changed from original but acceptable. Durable and lasting.
d** I wear these all the time at work as I am a doctor on my feet all day. Keeps the dependent edema (swollen ankles) to a minimum. Should help keep varicose veins under control also.
Charlo******** I tried several brands of compression socks for travelling because I have a history of blood clots. Travelsox ranks number one in my book for comfort and purpose. They are soft and do not leave awkward lines on my legs from unequal compression, but they're tight enough to keep my blood flowing. Love it!
Ni*** Very comfortable for all day wear. Highly recommended.
A* This met what I wanted, fit, color, warmth and no cramped calves since I travel a lot. The sock did not slip which is a bonus and looks better than the skin color compression socks.
L. Ca******** I have bought these before and my only complaint is that the foot part is not made with the same quality as the compression knee sock part. I wear them every day in the winter and after some wearings, there have been holes in the toes or heels. If the bottom part was made as well as the top, they would be perfect.
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na**** Very comfortable socks. My legs felt great during recent travel and I had no swelling from sitting so long. Great product!

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