Basis Version Consists of a container body and an inner lid. Permanent filter - optional.

  • Consisting of a container bottom and an inner lid.
  • Can also be retrofitted with an outer lid.
  • Outer and inner lids can be separated when they are not on the container.
* Works as described thanks.
Li**** I like the large numbers as it is easy to read. The size is a perfect fit for the space in the bathroom. The calculation is quick and scale turns off quickly once you stand off. Very happy with purchase. The price was very reasonable.
Kat***** Okay, I'm not a fan of scales; I avoid them as much as possible and wait till the doctor's office to find out my weight. I think it's more about how your clothes fit than the number on the scale. That said? My mid-stage dementia Mom is OCD about weighing herself - dementia can exacerbate feelings that are already there and well, she's now obsessed with weighing herself. She does it in the AM and PM and her old scale just died (I think she literally wore it out ha!) and don't worry, my Mum's not anorexic or bulemic - just a little obsessed with her weight - it's kind of sad because the dementia makes her forget how much she's eaten so she's been over eating and gaining weight - I'm working on limiting her foods as best I can because I don't want her to become really overweight. That said? This scale is very accurate - and I love the look of it - SO sleek. Now it's NOT a narrow scale - if you can see the pictures - I wore my boots to show you how much room is still on the scale - I like that - who needs a narrow scale? That said it doesn't slide into tight spaces. I currently have it in MY bathroom because it doesn't fit in Moms which is okay because it helps her forget to weigh herself if it's not in her bathroom :-) The only drawback IF it is one is it's glass - so I never prop the scale up (I did with my Mom's old one becauase it was heavy plastic). This one does not seem like it would shatter easily but's glass so be careful with it. I love how easily you can also see the numbers on it and they're a nice bright blue. I'm very pleased with this scale and the price of it as well - 5 stars from me!
Top Contribu******************* Bought this because my old scale would give me different weights each time I stepped on it. This one will not do that. I also love that it is a white light display so you can see the reading in low light rooms if needed. It doesn't have any features but I didn't want one with them since I never used them on my last scale.
J* Got this scale a few days ago, and so far so good! It was inexpensive and lightweight, with a large digital display that is easy to read, and shows pounds and tenths, which I like. Nothing fancy, just seems like an accurate scale. Many reviewers complain about their scales not working over time.I did not give this one 5 stars because it is new and may have the same issue of it not being accurate after a few months. Hopefully this scale continue to work well for a long time.
Jovi***** Can't believe how great this is for the price I tell everybody about it for the first time in my life I weigh ea morning nude and record my weight because it pops up so fast it's painless I was in the process of losing weight and have lost 48 lb painlessly by keeping track on my calendar. It's flat thin and fits between the stool and shower at the end of the bathroom rug because it is supposed to be on tile. It pops right up it's a large number which is helpful for an older person and very sturdy. Recommend wholeheartedly
swe**** I just got it in the mail, and works great so far. The scale is very low profile, which make getting on and off it very easy. The LED display is very bright, and the digits are large and easy to read. It came with 3 AAA batteries already installed, all I had to do was remove the plastic strip. It also came with a body tape measure, nice product.
Jen**** Initially thought this was broken as I was certain I don't weigh this much. haha Unfortunately, it works great. Exactly as described.
Amazon******** Looks nice. Feels sturdy. Weighed before taking a shower in the evening and after taking a shower and the weight changed by .2. Not sure if that's good or bad, but will keep using it to see it's consistency and reliability over time. Will change to five stars later if it lasts me. 4/23 Seems to be working well so far. Weight changes throughout the day so determining its accuracy is hard to tell, but I consistent have woken up to a weight within a .5 range to other days. Will continue to post anything pertinent, as I remember to.
This scale is better than I hoped it would be. Fairly lightweight and more important to me was that it wipes clean. I can easily pick it up and store it in a closet or on a shelve. Very thin - and very accurate. We stepped on it several times in different places on the floor and each reading came back the same. That was the problem we had before - depending on where you put a scale, it could have a different reading - but not this one! Love this product!

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