BipoJet® Bipolar Program Efficiently operating in open surgery

No special HF generator necessary.

A ceramic insulation of BipoJet® forcepshave the practical advantage of a low thermal spread in the coagulation zone and thereduction of collateral damage.

In addition, the BipoJet® scissors have a ceramic blade for improved sharpness and longer life.
Instruments are completely reusable.

sara******* Yes, the compression stockings are working well. The fabric is soft and they have been easy to pull on and off. One suggestion, it would be nice if there was a flap or piece of material between the zipper and the leg. After a long day, I begin to feel the zipper against my leg. Thank you.
El*** I like the material used to make these. I have found that, with the zippers, that they are easy to put on. A- because they are about 2 inches too long and I have to roll them over a little which is probably not a good thing to do. I will look over your other compression socks to see if I can find a more suitable length because it is best that they don't hit the back of the knee and cut circulation.
Ang***** I purchased these for my husband.and he loves them. His ankles get very swollen and use to wear regular compression stockings, which he hates. He hates to wear them and I hate to put them on for him. He is not able to put them on himself. In 2001 he had a massive stroke. which left his left side very weak, including his foot. His left foot has require several surgeries over the years and these surgeries and weakness from the stroke has left him unable to wear regular compression stockings because his toes hurt. The doctor mentioned that there are compression stockings that have open toes. That evening I went to Amazon and searched for compression stockings with open toes and WHAM many options and brands were available. I settled on a brand and ordered 2 pairs. They are easy for me to put them on his feet and he is very comfortable with them. I'm sure I will be ordering more. Anything that makes his life more comfortable are products I search for.
Wr**** These zippered compression socks are much easier to put on than unzippered. I recommend these for people to try per the sizing chart in the information. They also keep ankle swelling to a minimum, great product!
Ms S******* Really like the Zippered Compression stockings. Easier to put on and take off. Love that you can buy in black or beige colors. The only thing I would suggest is to sew the inside zipper lip down to keep from catching it in the zipper. Already purchased two more pair!
Carole******** After having a knee replacement, compression hose were impossible for me to get on by myself. I found these at and they are the best things since sliced bread!!! I can get them on easily, yet they give me the support needed. Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product. I have recommended them to my doctor, who was thrilled to see them, and to another friend who also had knee replacement surgery. They really do the job!!!
Ch*** I have never worn compression socks before but have heard how horrible they are to pull up some other people in my age group. I have pain in my legs and thought I would give this pair a try because they are zipper! I put them on as soon as I got them and could she heal a difference in my pain levels instantly. I would recommend leaves to anyone that needs compression socks.
F** My son must wear compression socks and these make putting them on so much easier for myself and his father. They are also very comfortable for him. We now own 5 pair of these socks. Seller is very easy to work with if there is a problem. I highly recommend these to anyone looking for an easy fitting compression sock.
* Great product at a fair price. The stockings are very comfortable and seem to be helping my legs. I tried other brands in the beginning,and they were thick ( especially on the seam in the foot section, had horrible zippers and were not comfortable. Thank you for making these so comfortable. Thank you.
R** I bought some compression socks at a medical supply store. They measured my leg and gave me the appropriate size. It took everything we had for my wife and I to get these on my leg. Because of the difficulty putting them on I did not wear them as often as I should have. The zipper medical stockings were so much easier to get on.

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