Braunol® Antiseptic for skin, mucous membranes and wounds

  • Aqueous povidone-iodine solution for antiseptic treatment of skin, mucous membranes and wounds
  • Active ingredients per 100 g solution:
    7.5 g povidone-iodine (with 10% available iodine)
  • Effective against bacteria incl. MRSA, mycobacteria, fungi


  • Fast-acting skin disinfection before injections and punctures
  • Brown colour clearly marks the disinfected area
  • Can be used diluted or concentrated for antiseptic irrigation and washing or wound treatment


For single application:

  • Disinfection of intact external skin and mucous membrane antisepsis, e.g. before surgery, biopsies, injections, punctures, blood sampling and catheterisations.

For repeated application, limited in time:

  • Antiseptic treatment of wounds (e.g. pressure sores, leg ulcers), burns, infected skin diseases.

Hygienic and surgical hand disinfection

Lori****** These arm sleeves are a great idea and product. I purchased them for and elderly family friend who gets bruises on her hands easily. So far they've helped her from not getting bruises. I'll also purchase a pair for myself to cover up scars on my arm that I tend to be self conscious of. With summer here, I'll be able to wear t-shirts again instead of always wearing layers and long sleeve shirts. A highly recommended product for specific needs.
Ju** My h🧥and has had recent burns on his arms with then a severe reaction from the sun and allergy from a lotion he used....what a mess....we just got him healed up.....and while doing so, we got these to protect him from the sun as he works heavy construction. out side for 16 hours a day. THANK YOU.
Mich****** This product was exactly what my grandfather needed! The color of the sleeves is perfect and helps him not feel embarrassed about his skin! We ordered a little bigger than he needed because he was worried with his thin skin that he would somehow pinch his skin while taking them off. He was very happy, which is impressive because he is a very picky man.
Chuck******* Fast service/comfortable
Caro***** They are a great match to my skin color, are quit comfortable to wear and give me added protection.
Kathl******** Excellent Value and purpose.
Bro***** Happy with the quality + durability of this product. Thank you.

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