Bulirubin Total - Teco Diagnostics (USA)

Erin******* This is my second time purchasing these test strips. Some reviews are upset because it did not come with a plastic cup. Use a solo cup. Rinse it out in the shower. Flip it over, and you can use it again. It’s not that big of a deal. That’s why they are so cheap! This product is made in the United States and works so well! I took one knowing I probably wasn’t clean and it was accurate. After over 30 days of being clean, I took another one. It showed I was clean! I also bought these over a year ago for a test I had to take for a job. They are very accurate! I think a lot of people do not use them correctly. Follow the directions. You actually have to read the directions. If you can pass one of these, you will pass a urine test in any lab! These tests are just as accurate as the ones you buy at Walmart for $12 apiece. Minus the plastic cup. Will definitely recommend and will use again
Ph**** I run Recovery Residences here in South Florida, and I use these Single-Panel THC dips instead of my full blown, ALL OUT Multi-Panel Cups when I want to do a quickie test for my guys that were (/are?) predominantly of the "Stoner" variety. They are FAST and dependable. NEVER a false positive... as proof from either them FINALLY coming clean with me, or from a FULL lab test from their Trtmt Ctr. And my source for these, as above, has ALWAYS fulfilled my orders with unsurpassed professionalism and punctuality, often receiving my order as soon as overnight.
De*** These were very accurate. I was nervous because there was a faint line. However, no matter how faint the line is, if it is there, it’s negative. I felt better after taking these test.
Chelse******** This test is super easy to read. My C and T lines showed up at the same time were crystal clear! Not only are the tests accurate, but the price for 5 tests is unbeatable. I was unable to purchase 1 test at Walgreens for the price of 5 of these. Side Note: I’m 5’8”, 140 lbs, female, and in decent shape. After 12 days of detoxing (I smoked regularly), I passed these tests.
Anon***** Because it's nice to be sure.
Lloy******* The strips worked very well. Extremely accurate.
Ma**** All test strips in my box came packaged appropriately. I followed the directions, and received consistent (and accurate) results. Would recommend these, and repurchase if the need arose.
Kindle******** They work awesome. Tried with positive urine and negative urine. Accurate results.
Mat***** These work, but the cutoff level is not as advertised. These tests are 15ng/ml.
Christ******** My wife was taking CBD oil and we wanted to make sure there wouldn't be a problem if she was drug tested worked great

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