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Thông số kỹ thuật SpO2 Phạm vi đo: 0%-100% Độ chính xác: 1% 70% ~ 100%: ±2% 0% ~ 69% (không đáng kể) Nhịp tim Phạm vi đo: 30 ~ 254 bpm Độ chính xác: ±2bpm or ±2% Cảnh báo Có cảnh báo trên màn hình khi nguồn không đủ (Pin thấp) Thông tin hiển thị Hiển thị thông số bằng LED màu đỏ. Hiển thị thông số SpO2, PR. Cảnh báo pin thấp, báo lỗi Điều kiện bảo quản Nhiệt độ hoạt động: 00C~500C Nhiệt độ bảo quản : -100C ~ 600C Độ ẩm: 15%RH ~ 95%RH Độ...
wrang******* Many years ago I bought one to help out with chronic debilitating back pain and it had given me a new lease on life making it possible to rehabilitate my back. I would use it for heavy work on bad back days and eventually hardly used it at all. I leant it out and never saw it again, but I wasn't too worried because I still had the back support from a doctor during one of the bad episodes. Recently, I had an acute injury on top of an already complaining back, and was struggling with day to day activities. I was constantly wearing the doctor issued back support and was even spending most of my time using a cane. Desperate for relief, I decided to get a new Professional Choice back support in hopes that it would have some magical property the support from the doctor didn't have. According to Professional Choice, it's the material the support is made from that makes it uniquely more affective than standard back supports. I personally really don't care what the difference is, I'm just thrilled to be able to get my life back again. It's not a magical cure, but it certainly gives a tremendous amount of relief and allows this country girl to get back to the work of building fences and caring for horses.
Sky**** I review a minuscule proportion of the products I purchase on Amazon, generally just outliers at one end of the spectrum or the other. Wish I could review this one twice! Just bought this week, and only in use for 2 days (will update only if my opinion changes, BTW)--which is sort of the point: In just those 2 days, the "7 out of 10" back pain that prompted purchase has *rapidly* and *dramatically* dropped to an average "1 out of 10"! I'm not a life-long "hard case," and obviously YMMV but, for me at least, though initially reluctant to plunk down $50+ for a back support in a market flooded with $20 choices, this gem looks to have have saved me $100s, or even $1000s, compared with more costly alternatives--as well as (and more importantly) a similarly high multiple in pain reduction. Wishing you comparable success with this phenomenal product!
Lee ***** I purchased this for my father and this is actually his second one. The first one was at least 10yrs old if not older and while it was still functional, it was a little stretched out. I can't tell you how many times someone stopped and asked my father where he got this brace. I was familiar with the Professionals Choice products through my ownership of horses. As you can imagine the average person is not going to have the same experience and will not be aware of this product. I gave out many tack catalogs to interested parties so that they could have a way of ordering this brace. My father is not involved in horses in any way, and wears this brace on a daily basis to provide lower back support during his day to day activity. I own one myself in my size and it is an excellent brace.
A. **** This is the best lower back brace out there. I have several of them. You don't need to be a equestrian to benefit from a great back brace. If it helps while you are riding around on a horse, imagine the benefit in everyday life. Make sure you get the correct size as if you try to make one work that is too small, it will break down.
K* I haven't actually used it horseback riding yet but have used it while riding my four wheeler and snow blower. It did much better than the brace I got from the drug store, which was much narrower. I guess the only problem was a personal one, I wasn't strong enough to get it around me on my first tries. But I stuck with it and mastered "saddling" myself.
jonat******** My 65 year old out of shape father used on of these to pack into the mountains for 20 miles, not a single complaint, even riding a mule. Couldn't recommend more, it seemed very well made and probably saved our trip.
Bren****** This is the best back brace on the market. Fast shipping from seller!
happy******* This is my second PC back support. Use it alot for different things.
Amazon******** Been wearing this belt for years. The neoprene puts heat to your back which keeps you limber. You can wear this belt for hours, very comfortable and never pinches like a stiff ridged belt can.
Amazon******** Been wearing this belt for years. The neoprene puts heat to your back which keeps you limber. You can wear this belt for hours, very comfortable and never pinches like a stiff ridged belt can.

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