Diacap Acute Polysulphone hemofilter for acute renal replacement therapy

• Highly biocompatible Polysulfone membrane
• High cut-off allowing high clearances
• Easy to prime and lower blood resistance
• Gamma sterilization to avoid ETO reaction

Range of Application

SCUF slow continuous ultrafiltration
CVVH continuous veno-venous hemofiltration
HV CVVH high volume CVVH
CVVHD continuous veno-venous hemodialysis
CVVHDF continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration
CVVHFD continuous veno-venous high flux dialysis


Marc Cesard
Product Manager
Telephone:+49 (0)5661 71-6948
E-Mail: [email protected]

Gott***** My old Igloo cooler works well but finally busted one of the plastic hinges. These replacement hinges are a perfect fit and a great way to extend the life of an old cooler. The screws that ship with the hinges are slightly longer than the original screws. That was actually useful since one of the screw holes was stripped.
bi** I like the hinge. Stronger than the plastic they're attached to. Screws are size 10 x 3/4" long. If you break the plastic hinge, stop using the Igloo and get new hinges soonest. If you don't, the screws will become over-loaded and strip-out. Ironically, the problem all begins with the strap that limits the top opening. When this strap fails, immediately replace it with something or repair it. The hinges can not take an unrestrained top opening. hinges will break and/or pull the hinge screws out (as in my case).
G* I pondered the original plastic vs steel question. The original lasted years. Why not go there again? But then I thought, well, the steel was only slightly more than the plastic and it's STEEL. I even used the same screws from the origal hinges right back into the same holes. It's a no brainer. These hinges will likely last longer than the cooler at this point.
**Hawaiian** Fits perfect..Should last much longer than the plastic ones...Thanks Cornucopia Brands for a good product... I recevied it on about 07/03/18 and today is 07/08/18....Hope this S/S stands up to rust... Will update if needed, but for now,Looks Good!
G. K.******* Why Igloo uses cheap plastic hinges that fail is beyond me. These stainless steel hinges saved my cooler from going out in the trash and will outlast the life of the cooler. They were a perfect replacement and required no drilling. All you need is a screwdriver and 2 minutes to make the repair.
a** It was easy to install and I liked the fact that it was metal so it would be immune to UV light. I did not like the fact it was chrome and therefore paint would have a hard time to stick to it. I wanted it to match my white igloo cooler. At least they could have electroplated a primer to it.
anim***** The hinges on my VERY old 56 quart green and white Igloo cool roller cooler died some time ago. We used the cooler for a birthday party the other day and it bothered me that so many people had difficulty with the top not cooperating due to the lack of hinges. I researched hinges on Amazon and found these stainless steel ones. They fit perfectly. I am very happy that I can continue to use the cooler and don't have to buy a brand new one - saving money!
K** I've replace the original plastic hinges several times but these stainless seem like they will last a lot longer. The fit was perfect and the screw holes lined up with the original holes so I didn't have to change the screw placements.
R** I have an older igloo cooler and lent it to someone who ended up breaking the original plastic hinges. These are a perfect fit and they don't squeak and grind like the old plastic hinges. I recommend them for anyone who needs new hinges or wants something a little more rugged.
Br** These hinges are a great replacement for those plastic hinges. Holes lined up exactly. No modification required. Have not tested the cooler with these new hinges in a marine environment yet. Will update if hinges shows signs of rusting.

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