Diapact CRRT Machine for continuous and intermittend dialysis therapies as well as plasma-therapies

• Fluid Balance accuracy
• High safety aspects in terms of fluid exchanges
• High hemodynamic stability response for Total Fluid Management, thus preventing hypovolemia (excessive fluid loss) and hypervolemia (excessive fluid gain)
• The Diapact System has one of the most efficient fluid warmers due to the design of the plates 20 to 39°C

Range of Application

SCUF - slow continuous ultrafiltration
CVVH - continuous veno venous hemofiltration
CVVHD - continuous veno venous hemodialysis
CVVHFD - continuous veno venous highflux dialysis
HF - intermittend hemofiltration
HD - intermittend hemodialysis
HFD - intermittend highflux dialysis
PEX - plasma exchange
PAP - plasma-adsorption-perfusion


Marc Cesard
Product Manager
Telephone: +49 (0)5661 71-6948
E-Mail: [email protected]

Jayc***** Love the monitor. My home health nurse actually took a picture and said she would get one because it is so fast and accurate so she uses mine when she comes to visit. I have large arms and the cuff fits perfectly. I also purchased one for my dad who has larger arms and he said it fits fine and works great as well.
Ra*** Works really great! It has so many more features than the one I had that was no longer working. I had a wrist cuff tester and now that I've studied online about what's best, I find out that the upper arm gets the best readings. This one keeps up to 4 people's results stored away. Even has a button where you can push "3M" and it gives you an average of your last 3 readings. Definitely easy to use and a nice pouch to keep it in also.
Steph******** I am well pleased with this unit. It is economically priced and yet gave me results very close to the doctor's office. It has memory capabilities to record up to 4 individuals. Personally I have not used the memory but it seems simple enough. If you don't use the memory you only press the big red button to turn it on and off. I recommend this unit to anyone wanting to monitor their blood at home.
Rob***** This blood pressure monitor works well. I got it because most trips to the doctors office produced mild hypertension readings, yet if my blood pressure is taken other places, such as donating blood, readings are good. Now I can monitor my own pressure. And with 4 user settings & history my family can use it too. The only slightly negative observation I have is the cuff size. Although I wish I did, my biceps are not that large and I have to get this cuff snug for proper readings. (The cuff has an arrow on it that must fall in range of the printed scale.)
Brad******* A great unit for anyone's blood pressure concerns. Easy to use, has a large digital display and the results are shown quickly. Just like a thermometer, every home should have a blood pressure cuff as part of their medical supplies also !!
Amazon******** This is a great thing to have in the house. For the price, it’s a great device.
St*** Works very well and accurate. Easy to use once you figure it out.
De*** Easy to use. Great way to monitor my blood pressure.
Nan**** Nice clear display reading are consistent
feli******* Big number, very accurate, good side Price best

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