Diapact CRRT Set Bloodline system for CRRT (blood and fluid lines)

Sterile, apyrogenic tubing systems and are applied in hemodialysis therapies and plasmatherapies with the Diapact CRRT machine.


For more information please contact:

Marc Cesard - Product Manager

Tel +49 (0)5661 71-6948

e-mail [email protected]

Shad****** I work in the health industry and have a lot of geriatric clients who need simple, easy to use and reliable monitors with nice easy to read/understand displays. This one is just that. The packaging was sturdy and undamaged and the monitor came in a timely manner.
Sha**** I bought it after doctor advised me to monitor my BP. HOMIEE BP monitor is very easy to use. I am using it for a week now and it is very accurate. The arm band is easy to setup and it also signals if band is not properly tightened. It comes with the 4 battery. Only thing missing was power adapter but battery work for me as I am always traveling. It also has 2 memory option which I use to monitor morning and evening BP. Overall a good product, I will recommended it.
Marc***** Their device can measure if you are in afib or arrithymia.
Ral**** This seems to function very well. The cuff is a bit uncomfortable and squeezes a bit more than my previous blood pressure machine.
Bi*** I bought this for my parents and it worked perfectly for them.I wanted a basic easy to use monitor for them which made my parents happy. This is an excellent choice. More, it is easy to read and fast as well. I also bought a monitor which gives readings from wrist but I didn’t like that much. But this one made me and my parents happy. I recommend this monitor to everyone.
Amazon******** It works great. It gives an accurate reading and is easy to use. I purchased it for my dad and if he can use it then almost anyone can. He doesn’t mix very well with technology. The price is very good also.
pratiksh************ This machine gives the accurate reading .i have cross checked with my manual one and the reading were almost same . Easy to use a. Anyone can use this easily for home purpose
K** I am very pleased with this blood pressure machine, Thereaseon I gave it a four there is no button to turn it off.
Me*** This is a good accurate BP monitor. But, OUCH! ...it hurts. That is probably due to my BP being a little high.
Gold****** Some times I am not sure it is correct ....but reasonably close .

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