Edison car toddle spoon EC304083OTD (Korea)

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K.** I just recently got a new job and the chair at my desk, while nice, really gives me no lumbar support whatsoever. I find it really hard to focus when my back is hurting, so this pillow is a great price, really easy to use, and a dream to sit against. Plus the color is super cute, hopefully no one steals it!
J* like it. Put it in office, good back support.
G. Y****** For the seamstress in your life
Lisa***** Yep!
Am*** Bought for regular size office chair & strap fit perfectly. Makes a huge difference for back support. Very comfortable. No complaints.
Am*** Thank you
Mikk****** I would have given it 5 stars but the strap isn't long enough. I'm sure it was meant to be used in office chairs, but even a large executive chair would stretch it to the max. I use it in my car and have to adjust it often, because it rides up. However, it is very comfortable and soft. I had to adjust my seat because I was sitting up straight and couldn't reach the pedals anymore. As a matter of fact, I had to adjust my rear view mirror quite a bit also. When I try to force myself to sit up straight, I always feel awkward, like I'm sticking my chest out too much. With this pillow, it feels very natural and effortless and you don't sink in at all. This is how you are supposed to sit! It makes me wonder why chairs aren't already like this. I could see myself buying more of these so that I have enough for different chairs throughout the house without having to carry it around. ***My purchase was discounted as an incentive to take the time to compose an honest, well thought out, completely unbiased, and hopefully helpful review. If you agree that I've earned that discount, please click YES where it asks "Was this review helpful to you?" Thanks for reading! :-)
Amazon******** great support
Ang***** I ordered two products from this company ( PharMeDoc is their name). I suffer from back pain and I use the computer several hours a day so I need something for back support that is both firm yet soft. This product called Lumbar Support Cushion does the job. It feels so good when used with my comfort seat cushion. I also like the way it feels even when used alone. My favorite color is pink so that's the color I chose to buy. It looks so pretty & soft in color. This product came in a decent size box and was sealed inside a plastic zip bag that was sealed for assurance of being brand new. I absolutely recommend this to anyone who has back pain.
Top Contr************* This was a gift, and my friend was tickled "pink" with the color, and would have given it 5 stars except she said it was harder than the one she has had for over 10 years... (duh!) I told her I was pretty sure that her old old one was worn out and to try it out for a week or two before making up her mind... and I've heard not heard a thing yet! WOO HOO!

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