Equipment Trolley Electrosurgery Unviersal trolley for electrosurgical units

  • Good stableness.
  • Wire basket for accessories (optional).
  • Special antistatic castors for a safe transport of the units and accessories. The front roller castors are lockable.
  • Rubber bumpers on the base frame avoid damage to doors and walls.
  • The handle allows easy handling of the trolley.
  • Material and design of the trolley facilitate easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Dimensions: 540 mm x 900 mm x 570 mm (WxHxD).
Al** I was a little skeptical, especially when i received it. It was very light. Don't really know what i was expecting....i really had NO expectations, but was trying the copper thing out of sheer desperation due to the pain that was progressively getting worse. So i put it on and waited for immediate results, and left it on because it was comfortable. It's very sheer and fit great. i left if on most of the day and low and behold at the end of the first day i DID feel some relief. I then slept in it. The pain, which had been progressing, was not quite going away, but it wasn't getting any worse either. All in all this was a good purchase. I have since started taking daily inflammation reducing medicine, so that's been helping too, but I like this so much better than the rigid arm band thing that everyone told me to try....and i can keep this on much longer. This turned out to be a pretty good product for a skeptic like me.
C* I've heard a lot about this brand. As an intense exerciser, I ordered two knees and two elbows as backup. Wouldn't you know that I twisted my knee, the day before they arrived. I did the ice therapy and NSAIDS, but still had difficulty walking, much less running. I wore them the first day and was able to walk without discomfort. On the second day, I pushed it and I exercised. I was able to do > 85% of my maximum. The next day, i did 100% And the next day, I was able to perform without the brace. I don't know exactly how it works, but it performed a miracle for me
filte******* was skeptical of course and had a walmart cheepo that hurt my arm and was so hot it could not be world over about 15 minutes. Enter the CU model. Not expecting and difference to start with, but after using the CU for about 5 days I will say that it is far more comfortable and much lighter, does not super heat your arm or bind and scratch the elbow area, or any area. There is no doubt the support eases pain of the inflamed elbow area, its much better than I would have expected. My cheepo is headed for the trash as I can wear this one for hours on end if I want to. Do not know if this will cure the soreness in my elbow but it certainly does feel much better when I wear it and for quite a while after removing the brace. Highly recommend and I was not paid to say this. Cheers !!
Ro** I have never used any compression product before these. I looked into these because I started getting elbow pain (Golfer's Elbow) due to my grip being too narrow and shoulders not retracted well enough during heavy low bar squats causing internal rotation and pressure on the elbow. Instead of having to just stop squatting heavy I fixed my grip and bought these. They work. My elbow pain has disappeared during squats and the resulting pain that developed when I bench press has drastically been reduced. A little more time and my pain in the elbows will cease to exist. I have done everything in these besides shower in them. Sleeping in them they are great.. Although I feel that I may have gotten a size too small. I woke up one morning and my hands were swollen, removing the sleeves for a little returned my hands to normal size. I measured my arms 5 inches about the elbow and got just shy of 14 inches and ordered a large. Flexing I am more than 14 inches and with a pump my arms feel like they are being squeezed too much and circulation is being cut off. I have only owned these for a week, lifted in them for 2 session and the decal on the forearm is starting to peel. I have not washed them yet and I think they will peel completely off. The letters for the size and directions for care on the inside of the sleeve have already peeled off entirely. These are great for relieving elbow pain and providing a little more support. I started wearing them at first throughout the whole weight lifting session but have since begun to only wear during the movements that caused the most pain like low bar squat and bench. Make sure you warm up with chin ups or ez-bar curls to get the blood going through your elbows to get the most use out of these.
Kel**** I must say that I am so pleasantly surprised that I have found a product that actually lives up to what it advertises itself to be. I just love this sleeve. It fits very comfortably without being to tight. It really stays in place with very little adjustment needed through out the day no matter how active my work requires me to be. It really does seem to wick away any moisture that might build up and it doesn't get hot while wearing it. I wore it all weekend long including to bed all night one night. No itching, no discomfort. It feels like a natural part of my arm. I've been wearing it to work for the last 2 days at my job of fixing machinery where there is a lot of grasping and moving of heavy items, and stretching and twisting of my arm. It has greatly reduced my elbow strain and the pain typically associated with it and the tendonitis that has haunted me for the last couple of years. I have snagged it slightly a couple of times while reaching into machine to loosen bolts or to grasp at parts but it doesn't seem to be any worse for the abuse. Not even a hint of a run in the material. What more can I say. I have already ordered a second sleeve and will probably buy more after that.
gary****** This really works! My arm was throbbing at the gym and after. It impacted my workouts and ached after. I had originally bought a thick bulky wrap that was extremely hot at the gym and hindered my range of motion. This is thin and allows my arm to breath. The support it gives is superior. My arm feels great at the gym and after. I can work out with it and have the same range of motion as if I didn't have it on. It is helping greatly and I ordered more so I have backups when others are being washed. It definitely helped me maintain my passion for the gym, and I don't wake up during the night because of arm pain. I highly recommend!!
li**** This compression sleeve is fantastic!! I got injured lifting weights and this sleeve has been my go to for recovery and support. It provides just the right amount of support without being constricting. Unlike other sleeves this one is lightweight, breathable, and moisture wicking. Perfect for everyday wear to use for bracing and even better for working out! I tell everyone at about this - trust me you will love it too! Getting ready to purchase my second one just for backup...
H. R***** As a 72 year old former tennis player I recently started playing the less demanding game of pickleball. I quickly found even with lighter balls and shorter racquets the tendons in my elbow need all the help I could give them. This sleeve was just the ticket, even my edge of the racquet hits do not leave me in discomfort when wearing it. There was a size mix up on my initial order but both Amazon and Textim responded very quickly to get me the correct size. I love both the price and performance of the sleeve and would recommend it to anyone and the service was excellent as well.
Reb***** I have noticed a lot of improvement in my pain since I started using them. Once I put them on, the pain level decreases by about half, and I am able to complete my workouts with no problem. The fabric dries quickly once you start to sweat. I have washed them twice and allow them to air dry. The sizing was perfect as well. To anyone with tennis elbow or elbow pain, I also recommend massage. My therapist was able to help a great deal, and the sleeves keep me from re-injury.
Kitch******* After more than a week of severe pain from "sonographers elbow" - repetitive motion of the arm while doing diagnostic ultrasound exams - I ordered this elbow sleeve. It kept the joint nice and warm which helped, and I kept a support band wrapped around the sleeve, and I could feel a difference the first day. By mid-day on day three, the pain was completely gone.

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