Faztbaby 3-Function 2 wide-neck Deluxe Bottle Warmer

Item # : FB3019SL

Fatzbaby 3-function 2 Wide-neck Deluxe Bottle Warmer FB3019SL could not only warms up milk or baby food evenly and simply, but also sterilizes baby bottles due to the force of the steam. The integrated warmer basket & warmer rack enable bottles, glasses as well as smaller items such as nipples, baby pacifiers...to be neatly arranged. 


  • 1 x 3-function 2 Wide-neck Deluxe Bottle Warmer FB3019SL
  • 1 x Warmer Rack
  • 1 x Warmer Basket
  • 1 x Instruction manual 



· Simultaneous heating or sterilizing of up to 2 wide-neck bottles.

· Practical warmer rack & warmer basket for glasses, bottles, nipples and small items.

· Heat retention function.


The speed at which the warmer heats the milk or food depends on the quality and the initial temperature of the milk or food (e.g. out of fridge 5 or room temperature 20). The following guidelines give the approximate temperature that the water* in bottle warmer can reach and approximate time for warming milk or food from room temperature 20 as well as sterilizing time.


Control KnobStatusWater temperature
in bottle warmer
Warming time for milk
Warming time for food or
Sterilizing time 

Switch off the warmer
40Ready to heat to 40oC35-456-10 minutesWarming milk up and Keeping milk warm
70Ready to heat to 70oC665-7510-20 minutesWarming up baby food and Keeping baby food warm
100Ready to sterilize95-10015 minutes- Heating up baby food
- Sterilizing milk bottle and other articles. At around 100
, most of germ are killed.


Power supply: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz;
Power consumption: 250 Watts; 


We offer a 1 year warranty from date of purchase.
L* Really gets a better grasp of my elbow than a some of the others I have tried. I fasten the velcro on mine and slide it on and off so that I don't have to constantly keep doing the fastening over and over. Feels much better when I work out with this on.
M. D***** Arrived ahead of time and excellent quality!!!
ATS**** Works well. Simple, effective.
Eric******* Fit much better then my previous purchase of a similar item on Amazon.
Mich******* Great quality and good fit. My elbow feels better already.
Le** It’s great, easy to use and serves its purpose.
Sha***** very comfortable
Pa*** it came the next day. It grab better than the last one I bought.

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