Flexima® Active (Midi) Midi drainable pouches

Flexima® Active Midi Roll'up is the standard size available within that drainable pouch range.


  • Wide 7 cm Roll'up outlet: easy to use, with integrated soft clamp and easy to clean
  • Available in beige and transparent, cut-to-fit also in split cover
  • Cut-to-fit version (15-50 mm)
  • Pre-cut version (25, 30, 35, 40 mm)
  • Pouch capacity: +/- 580 ml (ISO 8670-2)
  • High performance (HP) filter
  • Shortened upper pouch part to prevent folding effect

The Flexima® Active range offers a completely different skin protector characterized by:

  • High cohesion network for more wearing comfort, second skin sensation and low risk of residue on the skin
  • Hydrocolloid-based formulation for skin preservation. Hydro absorbent loads capture liquids to decrease risk of maceration under the skin protector
  • Formulated for an immediate adhesivity, high flexibility and softness


One-piece drainable pouch for collection of body effluents for any person having undergone intestinal surgery of the enterostomy type.
Geo**** Compression socks by their very nature have to be tight. These are, but they are also very comfortable to wear. The foot is somewhat short, but that really isn't a problem as you can position your heel just behind the sock heel and they form to your foot. They are thin but that's OK. I would think that in cold weather, you could wear these under wool socks and stay warm.
Jose******* These sox are magical. They provide comfort and really help with circulation. I now wear these 80% of the time! By way of disclosure, I did receive one of the 3 pair with a small whole. I let them know and they expedited sending me a replacement. Good communication and follow through. I have been using them for about 10 weeks now. They come out of the laundry well and retain their effect after several washes. Bottom line is I love them. I will be buying more.
Laur******* I only received 2 out of the 3 pairs of compression socks in this order. not sure what happened, My last order I got 3 out 3 pairs that were ordered. I placed a second order because the socks are wonderful and wanted a pair for every work day plus a spare.
Amazon******** Oh my! It's like night and day. I have regular hose from the hospital...nothing. My Tommie Copper's are fantastic. The edima is down so far that you can see my ankles. Next purchase will be the the pull on waist to toes. Better than th "custom" compression hose.
Do** I will soon be 80 years old. I have a back that limits my activities and foot problems. After wearing these compression socks all day I noticed a difference. My feet did not hurt when I went to bed and though my back is not good I do feel it gave my legs more strength and helped my back somewhat. These socks are nicely constructed. I like that the toe does not have a big seam to cut into my feet.
Ore**** These compression socks are fantastic! I sometimes worry about fit with these type of socks because I have 16" calves. However, these fit perfectly. They really help with swelling when I travel and leave my legs feeling energized. I also love that they are snug around the arches of my feet, it feels like they have just a little extra support. I would definitely recommend these socks!
Kindle******** I was skeptical and am kinda picky about socks, but swollen ankles is a motivator for me to experiment once in a while. I usually wear socks that are loose around my ankles...swollen ankles is preferable to the constriction. I find that the Copper Active socks were comfortable all day, and spread the compression enough that I didn't have a painful ring of pain at the top.
L. R****** I've been wanting to try these for sometime as I have recurring leg and foot pain. By pain, I mean they ache, sometimes throb. These socks do seem to help. I would recommend them. Thanks!
Happ****** These are the most comfortable compression sox I've ever worn. I've worn these all day , being active as well as sitting at a desk or TV, and have experienced no swelling in my feet and legs. Unlike other compression sox I've worn, there is no swelling around the tops (at my knees) either. Finally, the very subtle energy from the feet of the sox has reduced fatigue and is keeping me moving even after a long day.
Pend***** Quality socks, with compression. Use them when I have to stand all day at trade shows and they really do help to make my feet and legs feel better. They are comfortable and support very well. Extremely happy with the purchase. And I just bought another 3 pack and gave some to my wife to try.

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