Flexima® Uro silk flat pouches

Flexima® Uro Silk flat pouches are one-piece pouches for urine collection.


  • Flat flower shaped adhesive skin protector which adapts to natural skin folds
  • Anti reflux valve to prevent urine back flow
  • Unique drain tap (increased security, increased comfort, easier handling)
  • Universal connector to connect urine night bags
  • Available in beige and transparent with cut-to-fit (12-55mm) skin protector
  • Available in transparent with cut-to-fit (12-55mm) and pre-cut (20, 25, 30, 35mm) skin protector (ISO 8670-2)
  • Volume: 620ml +/- 15ml


One-piece drainable pouch for urine collection for any person having undergone surgery of the urostomy type.
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