Flow Collector Distal collecting pouch for liquid to very liquid stools



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B. Braun
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The Flow Collector is a drainable distal collecting bag with long evacuation tubing for high flow liquid stools. Connected to the patient's stoma bag, this 2L collecting bag allows to increase the collecting capacity of high flow liquid stools.


  • Can be connected with following pouches:
    • Flexima® High Flow, 1-piece system
    • Flexima® Key Maxi, 2-piece system
    • Flexima® 3S High Flow, 2-piece system
  • Transfer tubing:
    • Length: 1,5 m
    • White opaque tube for more discretion
    • Adjustment of length is possible by cutting the tubing every 30 cm
    • With 15mm diameter and anti-bending system for an easy drainage of stoma pouch
    • Transfer tubing permanently connected to the distal bag for an easy and highly resisting connection to the pouch
  • Collecting bag:
    • Large capacity: no need to drain during the night
    • Punched holes at the top of the bag to hang it
    • Resistant white opaque backing material for more discretion
    • Clear graduation (approx. 2L) on bag for an easier examination and quantification of the effluents
    • Transparent
    • A cap at the bottom end for an easy emptying of the collector and no risk of splashing (2 ways of opening, with grip for easier emptying)
    • Easy and highly resistant connection between the pouch and the flow collector


Distal collecting bag for high flow liquid stools (4- 6 litres in 24 hours).This type of flows found in case of derivation jejunostomies also called “short bowels”. It can also be done for a limited period of time in ileostomy or colostomy after surgery or chemiotherapy.

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