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Thanks to its two different frames, the FRANKFURT retraction system can be used in thyroid operations as also in paediatric surgery. 

The thyroid frame
The neck region constitutes a very limited operative field for the OR team due to its location and to the respect of separation between sterile and unsterile areas.
Thanks to the special curved frame, the thyroid can be easier reached.
With the FRANKFURT retraction system the situs can be exposed without further assistance. The use of additional retractors is possible.

The paediatric frame
Thanks to its small size and its lightness, the paediatric frame is universally adaptable in paediatric surgery for all abdominal indications.
The paediatric frame can be held with an additional operating table fixation. 


  • On the FRANKFURT retraction system the retractors can be positioned anywhere on the frame
  • The retractors are fixed to the frame with special fixation clamps
  • Movement of the retractors in any direction in three dimensions


The Thyroid Frame developed at the suggestion of OR nurse Mechthild Wend in cooperation with:
Chirurgische Klinik des St. Marien-Krankenhauses
der Katharina Kaspar Kliniken
Chairman Professor. Dr. med. J. Schumann
Katharina-Wagner-Str. 14
60318 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

The Paediatric Frame developed in cooperation with:
Prof. Dr. med Klaus Heller
Head of the department of Pediatric Surgery
Klinik für Allgemeinchirurgie
Theodor-Stern-Kai 7
60590 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

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