General Surgical Instruments Right at the first cut using the scalpel up to closing the wound – Aesculap’s gigantic selection of standard instruments

Microsurgery and neurosurgery, like almost every medical discipline, require standardized instruments. Surgical instruments and their standardization and cataloging has been Aesculap's core business for nearly 140 years. The product portfolio of general surgical instruments comprises 6,000 items for every surgical discipline. In microsurgery and neurosurgery, the following instruments, which can also be found in the Neurosurgery catalog, are used most frequently:

  • Various scalpels and handles
  • Classic scissors (dura scissors, METZENBAUM MAYO-LEXER scissors, and many other types)
  • Straight forceps and graspers (DUROGRIP, ATRAUMATA and classical forceps)
  • Needle holder (DUROGRIP, DIADUST and classic needle holders)
Ja**** I love the soft, stretching fabric that gently supports and massages my hands. Seams on outside, that run along the sides of fingers assist with circulation. My hands stay warm, remember i live in Florida. Gloves clean with gentle hand washing and ready for work in the morning. Amazon price over 50% less expensive, compared to medical supply shop. If you have arthritis, sjogrens, or raynauds these therapeutic gloves have your name on it. Remember, don't like return.
Zelda******* ONLY compression glove on the market I have found in the last 8 years that holds it shape washes nice on gentle and I get months of wear before they have to be retired.
Edward S*********** Really helped with my hand pain.
Glor****** I bought these gloves to keep my hands warm in winter. The arrived in the scheduled time frame. The gloves helped my hands feel more comfortable in cold and wintery weather.
Alana ********* I actually needed two left ones and this one is far more effective than the one the drug store order for me.
Linda ******** I use them for compression & heat on my arthritic hands.
Amazon******** Fit well but do slide off over time..
Ca*** Good quality and mom loves them
Sharo******* These have helped the pain in my hands due to arthritis
Blima******** they are great they help keep me warm in the winter as i wear them under my gloves

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