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L. D****** I was so impressed with this item. I have had back problems associated with many different seatings for years, although I am fairly athletic and in relatively good shape for age. This definitely solved the issue, especially with an especially uncomfortable dining room chair. I also use it in my various rockers as well but it works best in an upright chair or in a car. The strong horizontal strap on the back is stretchable and expandable and even fits one of my rather wide backed chair beautifully. Very sturdy, too. I shall probably order one or two more so that I don't have to lug it around ... although it is quite light and not terribly bulky. Great buy and worth the price.
J** Therapeutica Back Support Pillow adds comfort to sitting position on the sofa. It supports the lumbar and thoracic back well! My only comment is that I wish it also supported my cervical spine. I have early spine degeneration and this product has helped me with my chronic pain. Thanks for a great product.
Gram****** I use this to help support my back while watching TV as it was recommended by a spinal specialist. I have degenerative disc disease. The draw back is that it is very lightly padded and gets uncomfortable after awhile.
You***** I've been using this for driving for more than 6 months now. Helps me with my shoulders and lower back for support. But if you're borderline size, I would suggest choose a bigger size or extendable model.
Wa*** I noticed this brand of back support in use at my spine specialist's office and in my physical therapist's waiting room. Tried it out and it felt just great. Wonderful support. It's been attached to my favorite chair at home for a few weeks now. No complaints whatsoever.
Je*** I am a body worker, 10 years in private practice, and I consistently rave about Therapeutica products to my clients. I personally have the sleeping pillow, travel pillow, and this back support. It not only improves my posture but it passively keep my posture in the anatomically correct position- even when I'm not thinking about it. The minute I sit down and lean back on to this back support, my whole back from the sacrum to C7 goes "aahhhhhh". I'm not kidding.
L** I first came across this back support pillow at my chiropractor's office where it was attached to a chair in the waiting room. For my neck and upper back problems at the computer desk, it is just perfect and I've since then bought two of them. Expensive, but worth it - the curvature is just right, at least for me.
Ch** Bought this as a gift for my wife. She absolutely loves it. She said it helps a tonne especially when she has to drive for over an hour.
R. S****** I purchased this for my father about a year ago for Christmas in 2007. It is quiet comfortable. At the time I considered buying one for my self. I read about it at several websites that had longer descriptions then Amazon. This product is as advertised. It has the look and feel of quality construction. I remember it being heavier then I was expecting it.
S. S******* Great price

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