Hóa chất huyết học dùng cho máy Abbott CD-1400EX, CD-1600, CD-1700, CD-1800

to** So I'm 50, 5'10", 185 lbs and I work in the ICU. I have to frequently lift and turn patients that weigh from 250 lbs to 450 lbs. Before I got this support belt my lower back was in constant pain. Since I've been using the belt the back pain is "gone". I expected the belt to help relieve the stress on my lower back from all the lifting I do but I did not expect the back pain to stop completely. I've been using this belt since August 2011 and all I can say is it has been a "God Sent". Now understand I only wear it at work and I only secure it when I'm moving patients. If I'm not moving patients then I keep the belt loose/unstrapped. If you do alot of heavy lifting at work or at home I highly recommend either this or some other kind of support belt. It's truly worth the money. Update: So its been 5 months since I wrote my review (4/19/12 as I write this) and nothing has changed. I am using the same support belt(talk about getting more than your money's worth) and I still believe it was a "God Sent". Again, if you do any type of heavy lifting or pulling do yourself a big favor and get a support belt. Yes, I get back soreness every now and then but not that back pain that use to tweak my hips to the left and made it hard to function on the job(I know there's some of you who understand that pain). Update 2/20/14: So I'm going to be 53 in March. Still have the same job and I have this same back support. Still working now as it did when I first bought it. My review has not changed. Talk about getting more than my money's worth. I'm still very happy with this product. I honestly believe if it wasn't for this belt I wouldn't be working where I do now(probably a desk job). I can't say enough about this back support and how much it has helped me at work. One of my best purchases ever... Update 10/21/15: OK, I'm at work, it's 0230 and I'm bored so here's another update. No changes from previous updates except for now I'm 54. Belt still works as it did from the beginning. I stated this before and I'll state it again, "This was a God Sent". I can't think of anything in my life that has done so much for me and only cost me 16 bucks. Oh, patients jumping out of bed. Gota go... Update 1/12/2018 I still have my original support belt I bought over 7 years ago. I seriously got more than my monies worth. I still believe this belt was a "God Sent". So I'm buying another support belt not because the original has worn out, still looks and works like new, but because I have put on 15 lbs over the years. So I'm going one size up. Turning 58 and still doing the same type of work. I don't know what else to say. Best money I've ever spent on myself. Great product. If your looking, don't hesitate, buy it.
Ju**** I have a 46" waist and the XL is the correct size for me. I ended up buying several of these ... they are that good. Just the right amount of hold and support, and comfortable to wear. I tossed the shoulder straps ... the are not needed. You feel better and more confident as soon as you put it on. I routinely use this back support for outside chores, mowing, garage work, and other activities that require me to be moving, bending and lifting. I keep one in the truck, garage, and in my travel bag just in case I get into a situation where I need to help out with some physical effort, like changing a tire or whatever comes up. I give them to my buddies also, and they really grow to appreciate them. Inexpensive, very well made, comfortable, and durable. Very good product.
J** My mother wisely suggested I buy a support belt after listening to me moan and groan about my back hurting whenever I do projects that require lifting. I bought the ProFlex 1600 to use during four day's packing of our home and found that I was able to bend and lift with more strength and less effort and that my back didn't hurt at the end of the day. It is very easy to adjust and opens easily for bathroom breaks. As a woman, I'm glad to say that it fit the chest area without causing discomfort. I found this sizing chart to be accurate: Belt Size Fits Waists Small 25" to 30" Medium 30" to 34" Large 34" to 38" X-Large 38" to 42" 2X-Large 42" to 46" For $18, it was also a great buy!
Fra**** I bought the Extra Large because I am 6'4" tall with about a 38" waist. The fit is excellent on the suspenders with about 6" to spare if I was taller. The waist size is perfect to the point that if I lost 2" off my waist, I would be buying a Large as well, since the elastic velcro support adjusters are touching each other, so if you have a 36" waist, I would recommend the Large model. The brace is very effective, and helping me greatly. I have worn it to sleep in and all day long with comfort. 2 days now and no discomfort at all, works well for my Lordosis (no curve to my lower spine). It is putting my spine into a curve which is helping me with leg pain, sciatica, and the 5 herniated discs. 5 Stars.
c* We were very skeptical that this would reduce the back discomfort my h🥴and has when working around the farm. He started using it and reports that he is able to work twice as long with it as without it and his back discomfort ...well it isn't an issue anymore. He even found that he could vacuum the carpets while using it without back pain. Now that is a real selling point for me! A win win for both of us! I would strongly recommend this ProFlex Back support. And just FYI he does not use the suspenders.
Rob***** Fits well, easy to use and put on. Doesn't fold-over where my fat belly curves, stays in place even when bending over. Fits as expected with even compression.
Honest******** I was debating between the Proflex 1600 Standard and the Top of the line Proflex 2000SF High Performance Back Support. Because I could get the 1600 Standard quicker, I ordered it --- figuring that I could always get the high performance later. When I opened the package I was delightfully surprised. Extremely well-made, Great Support, Very Comfortable. Outstanding in every respect --- better than I had imagined. I may get the 2000SF in the future, just to see if there is really any difference. I am a very big guy and I need a lot of support. But for my money, it's hard to beat the Proflex 1600 Standard. Great Product. Great Value.
cool******* You need this Mr. armstrong. One of the biggest complaints I have ever heard in these United Ststes is about back soreness. Any weight you move if you turn funny may cause back discomfort and or injury. You need this back support. Its well made, comfortable, and very reasonable on amazon. I wont do anything involving labor without putting it on. Yes, I was Mr. macho man and I could do anything. WRONG!!! It atually feels good on, feels like firm support you need. I do believe any body that does any amount of labr would benifit from this support. If you have children dont bother getting them this back support, because if they are like mine it would just be a fashion accessory.
Onlin******* I'm 33 and in pretty good shape, but I purchased this item after remodeling my basement bathroom without any back support and had back pain for a month afterwards. Ever since, I wear this back brace for any outdoor/indoor work that involves any type of back strain, and it saves my back. Especially in the recent winters with all the snow. While doing work I sometimes still feel slight back strain, but the next day, my back feels great with little to no pain.
D Ca****** My wife likes to work in the yard but her back always hurt when she was through. I looked all over town trying to find a support belt like mine that was small enough to fit her. This fits her perfect. She is about 100 lbs and this really helps her back when she is out working in the yard. She has even worn it is the house. Well made and arrived promptly!

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