IrySleeve® Irrigation Sleeves Iryflex® Irrigation accessories

Irrigation sleeve included in the Iryflex® Irrigation Set also available as accessory.

  • For 1-piece and 2-piece users
  • With soft integrated clamp
  • Diameters 50mm -60 mm
  • With skin friendly adhesive

IrySleeve® Irrigation Sleeves 60mm is available in:

  • box of 20 (ref 60620)
  • box of 30 (ref 60630)
  • box of 50 (ref 60650)


The irrigation allows patients to live without any pouch on their body as it helps to control the defecation and to reduce flatulence.


Colon prolapse; hernia; anatomic anomaly of the colon; inflammatory bowel disease; colon stenosis; radiotherapy and chemotherapy; bad general condition; heart disease


Sleeve for collection of stools during irrigation (Left colostomy according to a medical prescription).

Amazoni********** The medium fit is perfect. I've been wearing it during workouts and rest periods for many hours at a time. It's extremely comfortable and seems to be helping my elbow strain. I haven't needed to wear both simultaneously due to my particular injuries, but I know they would provide comfort and support if I did. I also love that it's made partly of bamboo fibers. Who knew it would be so comfortable? It's important to note that I received an XL size the first time. My elbow circumference is exactly 10" at the correct spot, so I am right in the middle of the medium range. I contacted the company and they responded the same night with an awesome resolution for my situation. The same representative contacted me again proactively when they sent the replacement, and then I received the correct size within a couple of days. Really happy with this purchase and with MeterSport's customer service. Seriously, may be the best handled online customer service issue I've ever experienced. Wish all companies were this easy to work with.
Dougl******* Finally a large elbow sleeve that fits perfectly without making my arm tingle after a while of wearing it when working. I can wear this one all day. Other large brands do not fit, even other extra large don't fit because they were always too tight. I would have given 5 stars if the material was not itchy. I bought the extra large first thinking it would fit since other brands or extra large were too tight. But this one was actually extra large.
A** I'm a dialysis patient, and active as well. I use these as a cover and protector for my upper arm access site. For me, the 'large' size fits perfectly, and gives me the extra protection I need at work, or when riding my bike. Looks innocuous when wearing short-sleeves, and the extra length helps to cover my entire site. Holds up well after multiple washings, so I ordered 6 of them. Blood washes out of them with no problem.
JManI******* I have been using these for the past nine months now when exercising since I jacked my elbow last year. They provide excellent support and keep me from further hurting my elbow (which has finally healed). Over time, they do stretch a little and even though they can be washed they tend to loose elasticity. Every several weeks, I break out a fresh pair and throw out the old pair. For less that $15 a pair this is not a problem. Best of all, they keep me from re-injuring my elbow.
BD **** A good fit, does not hinder my softball swing, helping my tendonitis heal while able to play. Did not lose any of its properties after a vigorous hand wash. Comes in a box of two and i alternate between them over one elbow; using for over 2 weeks now, even though the tendonitis lingers, i feel much more confident while using this that the injury will heal.
T* I love these elbow sleeves. There not the most sturdy from the sense that it restricts your movements, but for the money, they get the job done. Love that there made of wool and easy to wash. Most elbow sleeves you buy at the store don't fit my arm size, as they only go up to 16inches. I've got three pair of these.
Sabr***** This product worked great I'm even thinking about getting a spear set I have problems with my elbow sometimes and you can really tell the difference between wearing this and when you take it off it really weakens the pain to about a level one when i wear it i wear it all day because if i take off i can bearly use my arm great product 5 stars without a doubt
BS** Nice fit and support. I was getting chronic tendinitis from heavy lifting and these have added some support the help alleviate those issues. The mediums are a good snug fit on my long arms. I didn't want to spend a lot right away until I was sure they'd help, so these were a good value.
Amazon******** I'm a petite woman and I use these for joint stabilization during physical therapy. The sleeves are pretty long on me, but they do their job very well. Be sure to get a measuring tape and measure your elbow to confirm which size you need.
F. **** These work for me. lifting 65 and 75 pound dumbbells. They get me past the sore days, so I can still work out.

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