MÁY ĐIỆN NÃO 34 KÊNH Model: Neurowerk EEG34 (SIGMA – Đức)

Thông số kỹ thuật: Bộ Khuếch đại EEG Loại 34 kênh, với 26 kênh điện não, (4+2) kênh lưỡng cực, 1 kênh ánh sáng, 1 kênh nhiệt độ. Chuyển đối A/D 24 bit cho chất lượng tín hiệu tốt nhất. Tốc độ lấy mẫu: 2048 Hz/kênh Lọc cực: 50/60 Hz. Có khả năng kiểm tra kết nối các điện cực.
R** I am a chronic pain suffer for three years and have tried it all and this belt is a Godsend! I also have a degenerative disc in my lower belt on top of my SI joint dysfunction so I am not totally pain free but most of my pain went away after I started using this wonderful belt. If you suffer from SI joint pain even if the doctors think it may be radiating pain from a disc, I would still suggest you to try this belt. I was resistant to purchase it since it was not recommended by a doctor but I am so glad I did. I am finally able to walk again without feeling that my hip is moving all over the place, no telling I don't need to take as many pain pills as before and so days I do t need pain pills at all!!!!
Su** I saw a PT for joint and hip pain during my pregnancy. Turns out, the relaxin hormone during my pregnancy was causing me a lot of pain sitting and walking. It got so bad that I started limping and after seeing a PT for a few months, he suggested I try this belt. He had warned me that breastfeeding would continue to cause my body to produce relaxin hormones, so I was prepared for the pain to come and go. Turns out, my son is now 17 months and the pain is back with a vengeance. There were times that sitting at work was very difficult, so I decided to purchase the belt and give it a try. I am SO ELATED that I did!! I wore it for at least 10 hours on the first day and when I went to bed at night, I felt so much better. The next day, I was literally pain free. On the third day, I did not wear my belt and I could feel the pain creeping back. I am happily wearing my belt now and will continue to wear it to keep the pain at bay. I will update my review after I have worn this for a longer period of time.
Amazon******** Purchased this for SI joint pain and it actually works. I have been dealing with pain for 2 decades from what doc's told me was spine, but come to find out after seeing ortho, it's SI. So I do different exercises and use this belt when i'm hanging around the house, and it really does feel good. I can literally feel relief as I put it on. I do it tight and can feel the relief instantly. This was well worth my money!
s** Sizing is accurate. Product is very helpful - better for back pain while walking/standing than the regular lumbar-support type back brace. If you plan to be lifting heavy objects, you may still want a lumbar-support brace or lifting belt, but for improving sacroiliac joint instability, this belt is better, and also more comfortable. I find that it is best to position it so that the lower edge of the back part of the belt is right in line with your SI joint (the dimples where your buttox meets your back), and wrap it around so that your hipbones are covered by the front of the belt. The vertical seam on the back of the belt should be centered and in line with your spine/tailbone.
TA**** Recommended by my chiropractor for low back, hip, and pelvic pain. I ordered a cheaper version on line which I wore several times and it helped however it did not want to stay it place, consistently readjusting, and then it stretched out of shape. With money always an issue, I did not want to spend the $ for a Serola belt, so I just went without. Then, after continued trips to Chiropractor at 45 a pop I was growing very discouraged. He told me since my last surgery, a two level laminectomy, That I would most likely always have a back pain. He asked it I was wearing my belt and I told him no, he suggested I start wearing it again. I went home and ordered the Serola belt. Wow, it has helped sooo much. Very sturdy-well made. I find if I’m up and at it either at work or home, where I am using my back; it makes a world of difference. Best to you!!!
0g**** I have nearly 30 years of S-I joint dislocations and this is a comfortable belt that holds me in place confidently. It can be worn over or under clothing; I even wear it in the pool for my aquatic Physical Therapy workouts. Dries fast and is holding up nicely to the heavy chlorination of the therapy pool which can hasten the degradation of Lycra and elasticized materials. And it stays where it is placed without constantly fidgeting to reposition the belt after sitting of bending.
Hei**** i ordered this after returning a cheaper iteration. I have chronic low back pain and hypermobile spine and hips. Worth every penny! I wear it during exercise - it has survived yoga, boot camp, pilates, you name it - without popping open, very durable and provides excellent support. Highly recommend if you are struggling with pain.
Fros****** I had this belt recommended to me by my doctor. It can help a bit with pain, but its primary use is prevention of pain. If you have sacroiliac joint dysfunction this belt can help keep your SI joint from moving during certain activities you can use this belt while running or sitting in the office not machine washable
K* This belt is awesome!!! I have SI Joint Dysfunction, arthritis, & myosotis (chronic inflammation). After a series of steriod injections didn't do the trick I felt hopeless on finding relief. Through research I found out back belts can help. I bought one from cvs & it sucked. Still desperate, I took a chance & bought this belt. Best decision I made, because this belt is amazing!!! I've had it for over a month & whenever I start to feel the daily annoying ache I strap it one & get instant relief. I've taken muscle relaxers, anti inflammatories, had steriod injections, changed my diet, do pilates 3x a week, etc. but I wish my Dr. told me about these belts from the beginning, it certainly would have helped a lot! Buy it & try it!
Ta** I currently see both a physical therapist and chiropractor for my lower back/SI/ and hip. I had originally rotated my knee 45 degrees when I stepped in a whole in the yard, within about a year an occasional back pain became a sharp constant pain. I was constantly out of alignment making the strengthening exercises/physical therapy slow to unsuccessful past a certain point. In addition, I had finally reached the point that I had to take the pain pills. Then my physical therapist recommended the New Serola Sacroiliac Belt. I started using it the day it arrived. It is amazing, it took away my pain within about an hour. I am now able to move more easily and without getting out of alignment so easily, I am not in the pain I was before trying the belt, and am now able to properly do my strengthening exercises. With the help of the belt, in the long term I hope to strengthen my core and be able to hold my alignment. The belt has already improved my quality of life.

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