Máy đo khúc xạ kế là thiết bị quang học. Máy được sử dụng để đo tật cận thị, viễn thị, loạn thị, trục và khoảng cách đồng tử để đưa ra tầm nhìn chính xác.
Nicho******* This is the 2nd brand brace that I've bought. Turns out that I have a Cyst . But it needed/needs compression and the same stabilization that's needed in Carpal Tunnel. The design on this brace is superior. It starts with a Iron stabilizer not removable that runs down the bottom of the wrist. This insert is at least 2 inches wide in comparison to the some other braces which was only around 3/4 inch or so. IN my opinion this wider Bar means more stabilization. When you put this on: Tthe first step is to wrap the brace around your wrist. From Top to Bottom runs a thick Velcro strip. Unlike the another other brace I tried that had elastic material and then two velcro tabs. The whole brace is evenly tightened to give the proper support. 2nd step is that you put a strap through your thumb-index finger which keeps you from bending your wrist downward. It velcroes in so you can control how much give you want. The other brace did not have an adjustable thumb-Index finger hand support. It depended on a curved Iron stabilizer that goes higher up on your hand. I liked the strap concept. 3rd step is that you have an extra 3 inch wide strap that you tighten for extra support. This brace was superior to the brace I paid $25.00 for in my local drugstore. As for sizing. It runs true to size. I measured myself at about 8 inches, borderline for med and large. And went with large. It's stretched out a little but still pretty good. I think I could have gone with the medium. All depends on what you are looking for. If compression is most important then if you are borderline go smaller. If the emphasis is on mobility and flex then if you are borderline you can go bigger. Just understand that if you choose smaller you might need a day to stretch it out. If you are in the center of the dimensions then feel comfortable with buying the prescribed size. Yes I took a tape measure and measured my wrist. I measured about an inch below the hand where the wrist bones are. This Wrist Support is really doing the job well. Great compression and great stabilization. This is a lower price product, probably because it isn't well known in the market, it is providing the quality and utility of other products costing twice as much. Sometimes you do get more than you pay for.
Wikk******* I work as an EMT part time, and got an on the job injury from lifting a bariatric on those cheap silver stretchers that suddenly stopped working. My injury was a major wrist sprain. I bought this to prevent further damage, and it has enabled me to lift without exerting stress on my wrist. It prevents a lot of movement in your carpals with the large straps and a mini splint anterior to the wrist to limit downward motion. I am pretty tiny, so I picked a small size. It fits fine, but there are still spaces because the splint is so wide that trying to wrap the strap around your wrist will leave air holes on the sides. Due to this rather box shape, it kind of hurts since there is not a lot of cushion. So if you're skinny and boney like me, wrap your wrist in something cushiony to make it more comfortable. 5/5 stars since this products function the way it's suppose to--it's supportive, and it really does work. Just put cushion on your wrist.
Jenn***** I sleep with wrist supports, esp my right hand. Although left handed, I use my right hand for hours every day typing. Plus when it's cold at night, people tend to curl their wrists for warmth. This is snuggly and tight. I could not use it for every day tasks. But for sleeping, it' super. Not too loose nor too tight, not too bulky either. An ounce of prevention ... everyone who uses the keyboard could benefit using ProFlex wrist supports. I prefer the 4020 for working on the computer and other tasks. I've used a lot of wrist supports from local pharmacies and online. Nothing compares to their line.
Top Contributo********************* I have had carpal tunnel syndrome for 25 years. Every now and again it flares up. I have a drawer full of wrist supports, most of which I hate. The typical support has a metal bar that prevents me from bending my wrist. I need the prevention, but the metal is completely inflexible. It usually digs into my hand (ouch). The better ones are OK for an hour or two, but I often type or program for hours and eventually, my hand screams. I can often take the bar out, but then wrist support is too flexible. THIS support (Proflex 4000) has a somewhat-firm but flexible bar. Not too flexible, not too stiff. Years ago, my chiropractor gave me a Mueller support that was very much like the ProFlex. I liked it, but when it wore out, I couldn't find another Mueller like it or anything else. I kept the old Mueller for comparison--it's a relief finally having an equivalent product again. Another common problem has been the wrap around the thumb. The ProFlex 4000 is sufficiently adjustable. Third, these supports vary in the amount of heat they trap. Sometimes I want heat, but I live in Florida and often work at a desk outside. This gives me more than enough moist heat. When I want heat, I want neoprene. When I don't want excess heat, so far (3 days) this is reasonable. It doesn't cool my wrist, but it doesn't boil it. Finally, the material in some wrist supports irritates my hand (itches, mild rash, etc.). This one seems OK.
Cem***** I've been controlling severe tendinitis for something like 30 years -- primarily stress from computer and piano keyboards -- and have successfully used these supports for lifting and other work that might over-flex my wrists for much of that time. They are sturdy, give reasonable flexibility, yet provide enough sturdiness to the bottom of the wrist that I avoid positions that tend to injure my wrists. When I have flare-ups, I use them when typing, though these days my tendinitis isn't a constant problem. These cuffs provide additional support beyond what wrist supports sold in the drugstore provide. I use the drugstore model at the because they are sufficient there, but for higher stress use, the ProFlex supports are my preferred support. They last a long time, though eventually (like after 8 years) the closing band's elastic loosens. Thank heavens they've remained on the market because I can get new ones as needed. Thank you ProFlex!!
Camb******* I have a wrist support with a metal support - it works well, but I can't type or do other things easily. I use it when sleeping and needed something to use during the day when I need to work. I bought this and one that supplies even less support. I like both of them, though they are very different. This allows me to do my day-to-day activities while it supplies moderate support. It prevents me from flexing my wrist too far, which keeps me from pinching the nerve. Just what I needed. It is more restrictive than some braces, though, so I'm glad I bought the Yasco brace that just wraps around my wrist. This makes typing even easier. So, for now, I'm switching between them based on how much mobility I need. If you need to keep your fingers straight for any reason (I also have two trigger fingers), this will not do that. It's purely for your wrist.
GF **** I ordered these because I was trying to lay tile in my house and was concerned that the weight of the tile would be hard on my wrists. These supports saved the day. They are lightweight, but have a solid stiffener on the underside of the wrist to keep from flexing. They're inexpensive enough that I tossed them when the project was done -- mostly because they were really dirty from cement. I also liked the minimal strap over the thumb - did not hinder my work at all. Completely worthwhile purchase - highly recommended as a support for folks unaccustomed to the strain of physical work (but gotta do it anyway).
22Wo****** Ok, I use it for bass fishing when making 100's of casts in one day. Casting all day didn't bother me when I was a whippersnapper and regularly went out and beat the water to a froth. Now, going only very occasionally and being an official geezer, using this while casting saves my hand and wrist from pain the day after chasing basses. This is the second one I have in my second tacklebox. (You can never have enough lures, eh?) Anyway, I'm a geezer and I approve this review.
Gram***** I tried about 6 different brands of wrist brace and none of them worked for me except this one. It's uniquely adjustable and was recommended by an occupational therapist.
Jack***** Familiar with this wrist support, as I had borrowed same type from co-worker a few years ago. Glad I could finally get my own, but I had to guess at what size I needed, couldn't find any wrist size numbers. Luckily I got the right size. Provides good support and stabilization of wrist while still able to use hand for typing and mousing on computer. I really like the adjustable strap around thumb. With the top elastic band wrapped tightly, the edges of the support do chafe the back of the hand/wrist a little bit. Loosening the elastic band helps but lessens the support factor slightly. Minor inconveniences tho. I do recommend this particular type of support, and if you have repetitive stress syndrome or weakness in you wrist from overuse, it allows you to still work, and even write, easily, where other types of supports do not.

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