Tân Mai Thành là nhà phân phối chính thức MÁY X-QUANG NHA MODEL: TOOTH-PAN DGF của hãng BMI - Ý. gọi ngay cho chúng tôi theo số điện thoại 0903900958 để được tư vấn trực tiếp và báo giá tốt nhất cho MÁY X-QUANG NHA MODEL: TOOTH-PAN DGF (BMI - Ý) ...
Huan***** The product arrived and I immediately recognized the quality of the packaging. Packaging was robust and protected the glass face of the scale. I bought this scale because my old scale would give me a different weight in few minutes.This scale is much more accurate, and I love that it sinks to your phone and can analyze BMI.
Me**** Love the quality of this scale and the price was amazing. After we gave one to our daughter for her birthday, my parents also wanted one and then I decided to replace our $35 Taylor lithium scale with this $13 model because it is more accurate and has the bright blue easy to read LED display. The measuring tape and free batteries that comes with it was just a bonus! Make sure you put it on a flat floor. I saw someone's review where they said they got different readings when they stepped off and back on again. I noticed on our tile floor that it is not perfectly level so if one of the support legs on the bottom of the scale gets inside of an indented grout line it can cause innacurate weight. As long as you have a level floor with no bumps or debris or grout this should not happen. This scale seems very accurate based on my family's experience with it. Amazing value! We must like it since we have purchased 3 of them so far from Amazon. I will keep this in mind as a future gift idea for friends and family! So affordable for the high quality. People think you're giving them a $40 scale when they receive it.
Brit****** I bought this because the reviews were good on this but the scale continues to mess up. Sometimes it says 4.6 on it when nothing is on the scale. *update* I was contacted by customer service and they issued me a full refund.
Tre**** So far so good. I love how stylish it is and seems like the dust would wipe off easily. Since I just received it, I really have no major negative complaints. The only thing I wish is that the tape measure would show inches on the outside rather than centimeters. That is seriously the only complaint I have and it's really too petty to take away a star. As of now, I highly recommend this scale/tape measure combo. You can't beat the price and it will look nice on your bathroom floor. Good luck on your weight management journey!
Cath***** This is so much better than my old scale. My floors aren’t perfectly level, so I used to take my old scale and weigh myself multiple times in different spots on my bathroom because it didn’t work well when not on oerfectly flat surface. This scale does not have that problem. It is very consistent and I love that it gives a bunch of different metrics for me to track. Best scale I’ve ever owned
Law**** Does what you want at a good price, and looks great. Only problem is it really does get slippery when wet. So be aware!
Cy*** This is a really cool scale. I like that it came with the batteries. Downloaded the app and I’m all set. Pretty self explanatory, gives me the info I need (don’t want to realize) to force me to make a change in weight.
Terr****** I love this scale! I needed a new one and choose this body fat scale....I love that it syncs to my phone with an app and that it breaks down your lbs by skeletal muscle, muscle mass, BMI and so much more. It is really helping me to stay on track with my fitness and weight.
Al*** I have a love/hate relationship with this scale. I love that it factors in more than just weight (water, fat, muscle, etc) but i also hate it for the same reason lol. It has helped me not get so discouraged with my weight loss goals and i can easily see I’m gaining muscle and losing fat even if my weight doesn’t change. Would purchase again.
Jac***** This is nice so far. As long as it holds up with time (and I believe it will based on the quality it appears to be) it's definitely a good purchase. As others said, the glass is sturdy and it's easy to clean.
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