MINOP® TR Transsphenoidal Transsphenoidal endoscopic system for pituitary surgery



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MINOP® TR (TRanssphenoidal) is the perfect system to start with the endoscopic transnasal technique. Especially the existing MINOP® customers (intraventricular endoscopy) will quickly became familiar with this system after a very short learning curve. You can easily “upgrade” your MINOP® system in order to perform transsphenoidal approaches with MINOP® TR. With a very small outer diameter the MINOP® TR makes a one nostril approach easy and simplifies the change from a microscopic to an endoscopic approach to the pituitary. You will be pleased by its effective cleaning funnction in order to have a clear view into the operating filed at any time. The MINOP® TR can be easily connected to the Aesculap holding arms.


  • FULL HD compatible endoscopes
  • Compatible with the MINOP® system (for MINOP® customers no need to buy a complete new system)
  • Only one special cleaning trocar required for 0° and 30° endoscope – makes changing scopes during surgery easier
  • Simple to assemble and use
  • Optimal results are achieved through simple adjustment of irrigation pressure and suction
  • Suction and irrigation are easy to adjust and result in an excellent cleaning of the distal endoscope tip


For further information please contact your Aesculap representative or mail to

e-mail: [email protected]


  • 2.7 mm optics in 0° and 30° viewing angle
  • One sinlge irrigation sheath, diameter of 4.6 mm
  • Endscope working length: 15 cm
  • Foot switch-controlled irrigation 
  • Adapter for Aesculap holding arms
  • Accessories: cleaning tray and irrigation tube set


  • Transsphenoidal endoscopic surgery at the pituitary gland
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