Nelson® beamer Argon-enhanced coagulation and cut

How does argon-enhanced coagulation differ from conventional procedures
The difference lies in the fact that in argon-enhanced coagulation, the argon plasma flow can have an effect not only rectilinearly, but also laterally and obliquely.
Surfaces that have already been coagulated manifest a high level of resistance, while bleeding or insufficiently coagulated surfaces have low resistance. The argon plasma flow seeks out the least resistant tissue areas within the application area. This physical property automatically promotes evenly distributed and complete coagulation.
In addition, the gas flow cleanses blood and residues from the coagulation site before coagulation actually begins. This results in both a drier tissue surface and in coagulation that is more tissue-sparing.

How does argon-enhanced cut differ from conventional procedures
Outstanding cutting results owing to ease of cutting, flexible crust layers, and minimal smoke, which makes cutting easier to monitor.


Safety first
For B. Braun Aesculap, safety has always been a number one priority. Our safety technology protects both user and patient.

Color display shows all essential information at a glance, e.g.

  • Monitoring gas level
  • Gas pressure monitoring
  • Measurement of gas consumption

Plain as day
The easy-to-understand symbols on the display promote ease of use.

Name it!
The Nelson® beamer has seven different memories. Partly predefined standard values. The remaining memories can be programmed separately and can be stored under any name desired.

With the aid of an interface the Nelson® beamer can be directly connected to the B. Braun Aesculap electrosurgical unit Nelson® deluxe.

Identification software
Adapted special instruments are automatically recognized by the electrosurgical device. All parameters are defined independently. The Nelson® beamer then receives the necessary information via the interface cable and sets the corresponding parameters for itself.

Wide range of accessories for open and endoscopic applications of argon.

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