Nutri-Kit HPN Set for the connection and disconnection of parenteral nutrition.

The set contains:

  • 5 Omnifix Luer-Lock 10 ml
  • 8 Sterican 0,90 x 40
  • 1 safsite safety connector
  • 1 back-check valve
  • 1 combi red


Simplifies the connection and disconnection of parenteral nutrition.

D* Added this to go along with the blood pressure device. Its pretty heavy and good quality. It was easy to set up with the app and the readings each day have looked accurate. Will be interested to see if my trend goes in the right direction!
dr*** I was so impressed by the Welch Allyn Home 1700 blood pressure device, I decided to buy the scale for myself as well. Another great product. Wide footprint is more useful than I anticipated. Paired perfectly with the app, allowing for easy monitoring. Highly recommend.
Isla****** Awesome.. Bluetooth connectivity is great. I have almost never had a failure.. I own both the BP machine and this scale for tracking blood pressure and weight. I had so many issues with Omron Bluetooth connectivity. I dumped my Omron and got the Welch Allyn instead.. This has almost never had a failure like Omron.
El*** This device paired quickly with the Welch Allyn app. The app pairs to the devices, then you see the readings within the app. It's great to have BP and weight measurements within 1 app that I can email the readings data to myself. I would definitely buy again and refer this as an excellent product and buy.
S* Best scale I have ever owned. Very reliable get the same weight when I step on and off which cheaper scales can't seem to do. The scale syncs seamlessly with my iPhone. Sync was so easy I don't remember actually setting it up. Heavy duty materials. This one is a keeper.
De*** Great product. Very happy but you must be perfectly still to register your weight. A little too sensitive but works great with the App to track your weight
Amazon******** Best scale ever. Used for wrestling. It's pretty close. Just a few tenth off from wrestling scale.
Aa**** Nice size and handle. Perhaps a bit heavy. Otherwise works as advertised.
kase***** very nice. high quality. great for medical office. easy to read numbers. worth the money!
William*********** Connects easily and reliably to my iPhone. Works great.

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