Nutricomp® D Enteral nutrition adapted to special metabolic conditions

  • Normocaloric, nutritionally complete dietary food, enriched with fish oil, for special medical purposes
  • Can be used for sip or tube feeding
  • For the dietary management of malnutrition

Additional information

Plastic bottle 500 ml (neutral)
Bag 500 ml (neutral)
Bag 1000 ml (neutral)

(may differ from country to country)


  • Caloric density 1 ml = 1 kcal
  • High biologic value protein from different protein sources (e.g. casein and soy)
  • Balanced fatty acid profile from a combination of sunflower oil, rape seed oil andfish oil
  • Carbohydrate composition from tapioca starch
  • Free of gluten, lactose and cholesterol, strictly low in purine
  • Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, fortified with antioxidants
  • Caloric distribution (% kcal protein : fat : carbohydrates : fiber) = 16 : 31 :49 : 4
  • Osmolality: 260 mosmol/kg
  • Osmolarity: 215 mosmol/l


Dosage: According to patient's requirements. For complete nutrition 1500-2000 mL (1500-2000 kcal) per day.


If nutritional support is indicated in patients, for example:

  • Normal energy needs
  • Glucose intolerance
GA*** Works as advertised on Omron BP742N. Did not work on an older Omron 741CREL ( was not listed in supported devices )
Spen******* Great product and just what we needed to use our blood pressure cuff more regularly. We were going through way too many batteries, so it just wasn't worth using. But now, with the Pwr+ Adapter, we use it twice a day. So much easier and economical.
Iryn***** I have not had any issues with the product. Works as expected and hoped for. 5 stars!
Kri**** We have an Omron 742n and have bought/returned 3 adapters because they do not fit in the socket. This one works wonderfully. Solid high quality product. Highly recommended. Made in Taiwan.
Ly** For an Omron blood pressure monitor
Gbm**** Fits my machine. Works greats
J** I like the long cord and the blue light.
Herbert********** Works as advertised
T* Product was as advertised. It works great on my blood pressure monitor. Don't have to worry about the batteries getting low.
Pat***** Great product works perfect so that I no longer have to buy batteries.

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