Patient Plates Single use and reusable patient plates

Single use

  • Highly conductive adhesive reducing the skin´s natural resistance.
  • Maximum derivation of HF-current.
  • No drying of adhesive during application or storage.
  • Uniform adhesion over the entrie plate surface, ensuring firm skin contact throughout surgery.
  • Polyacrylate adhesive has excellent skin compatibility.
  • Easy removal of plate without leaving any residues after surgery.


  • Silicone rubber patient plate.
  • Silicone dual patient plate.
  • The reusable patient plates can be connected to all common types of electrosurgery units.
Sher******* These measuring cups are better than I expected for the price. I would order them again. April 8, 2018. So, it turns out looks can be deceiving. The handle snapped off the 1 cup measure when I was scooping flour out of the bin. The last set of measuring cups lasted 40+ years, this set lasted just over a month. I bake frequently so having reliable tools is important. I am very disappointed so must change my rating to 1 star. The day after I posted the problem with my measuring cups the seller said they were sending out a new set. They arrived very quickly and I anticipate they will be as promised. Thank you. I appreciate good customer service and recommended them to several friends. Based on my experience I must Chang my rating to five stars.
Scarec********* Everything a measuring cup should be -- flat bottoms, wide handles, handle holes all line up with the cups nested. The very smallest cup could use a very slightly longer handle; the part which is bent and stuck to the outside of the cup sometimes hangs up briefly and needs a little nudge to nest properly, but it's not enough of a problem to detract from 5 stars. I see some people ran these through a dishwasher and lost some copper plating. When I use a measuring cup or spoon, it gets washed immediately so I will have it ready again as soon as possible; I see no reason to wait for the next dishwasher cycle.
Eri***** So I got these measuring cups as a gift for my wife this Christmas. They seem sturdy. They were heavy just like i like them but it was very upsetting but when they came in they were marked wrong. Just recently a new set came in with everything correct. Thank you for fixing my wife is exciting!
Lu*** I bought them over a month ago together with a copper set of measuring spoons and so far so good, I used them for dry ingredients and I just wipe them up with a dry towel and they still looking as pretty as the first day.
He**** My boyfriend had previously bought a set as a gift and when we needed measuring cups he immediately suggested these. Great look and good quality. The care instructions are very important too!!!
Paul****** These are just to beautiful to put on a drawer.. have them hanging up.
N.*** Feel like quality product. shipped fast.
Kindle******** Very sturdy and well made. The only problem is the handle on the smallest one is too heavy and it does not sit flat on the counter. Well made
Gm**** Exactly what we were looking for. Well made. We’ll be using these for many years to come.
Amazon******** Husband does a lot of baking and he really likes those. Hand wash!

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