Removal Container Completes the instrument cycle

  • Protects staff and the environment from contamination during the transport of used instruments
  • The removal containers are the same size as the standard containers, permitting standardized return transport and automatized procedures
  • Because the containers are made of stainless steel, the instruments can be placed in a combination of cleaning and disinfection agents immediately on removable.
St** I have worn arm sleeves for Florida golf for 15 years, they work to prevent sun damage. Now there are so many brands online, I got confused. I decided to buy this one, made in USA. It is the nicest, stretchiest, softest material! Better than any previous I had. Out of the box, I thought, Oh No! Because they looked so short. No worries! These easily stretched the full length of my arms from armpit to wrist, and would go further. They feel soft and thick, look great and I am sure will prevent sun damage. I believe these would fit even skinny arms well. My bicep is about 13inches unflexed (33cm). Armpit to wrist is 20inches (51 cm). Update: After wearing these sleeves quite often, maybe 5-6 days a week for months, I spilled red soda pop on these. My wife bleached the red out, but the one sleeve lost compression. I ordered a second pair. They have improved the quality! Black elastic band inside at the top, more densely woven material, thinner, more compression, not as soft. These may last awhile.
Top Cont************ Needed compression sleeves to wear after an arm procedure. Wanted sleeves that did not have a logo or writing on them and didn't want to pay $100 for a set, since I only needed them for 2-3 weeks. Got these and they have worked really well. Took to drs office with me for procedure, and they approved of them for my needs. Pretty easy to get on, stay up well, and wash well with mild soap and cool water. Very pleased with purchase, and I just ordered second pair to wear when my first pair is being cleaned.
Kindle******** Initially I thought the size I chose was WAY too small - like a child's size (I laughed at how small they were). I tried them on anyway and found them to fit nicely - comfortable! The fabric is soft and stays in place. Each sleeve's seam is flat and unobtrusive. Hard to believe, but subjectively my arms felt cooler right then and there. I have no data points on the ability of the fabric to block UV rays. They seem well made.
Big**** I bought these to replace the Kevlar heat protective sleeves that I have to wear for work. I know that isn't the products intended purpose but it actually works pretty well. I'm exposed to 147 to 375 degrees and these protect for few seconds it takes to get the hot plastic off my arm. They are much cooler and less itchy than the Kevlar too. They look better also! I'm considering buying more to keep in my backpack for hiking, they would take up less room than a jacket for outings when a little something on your arms would feel nice.
Top Contr************** I love my Compression Sleeve. I am using it for post surgery compression. I did have to take a seam down the top part of the sleeve to make it a little tighter, but that was because I had a brachioplasty and my arm is smaller than usual. I ordered another one. I have to wear them night and day for 6 weeks. They are very comfortable and with the little tuck give my arm the support it needs after surgery.
we** I bought it to cover my tattoos for work, it does a great job doing it. Very comfortable! I would recommend it. It's worth it!
Ro**** The sleeves are easily taken on and off and fit the shape of my arm without much issue (I don't have huge arms though). The fabric is durable and breathes easy. I've been out under the blazing sun with black sleeves and they still felt cool. The sun protection is perfect as far as I can tell. I throw them in the washer with a standard whites load without any bleeding or color fade. I expect they'll last a long time.
C** It was initially purchased to cover up tattoos for work. I wore them with a workout and immediately noticed a difference. I did not feel the usual fatigue that develops. I definitely felt stronger and was able to complete more reps with heavier sets. These may not be a big name brand, but they definitely do the job. The price is good and the quality of material is also above expectations.
Jonat******** Daughter needed these to cover tattoos for work as wearing a long sleeve under shirt proved to be too hot. She says these are great! They stay in place, and cover ink well. Would love to see a set that are half this length... do they exist?
Anni****** The shipping was super fast. The product arrived as advertised. I used it for the first time in 105 degree weather and my arms actually felt cooler than if I had not worn anything at all. I was surprised and excited about this. I bought these for work to cover my arms sleeves tattoos. At first I thought you could see them through it, but no one that I pointed it out to could notice. You have to shine it up to a bright light and know what your looking for to notice. They stayed in place the whole time, and actually cooled me off which was awesome. I had the white one's.

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