Reusable Sterile Filters Fitting all Aesculap sterile containers with filter retainers for single use or reusable filters

  • Fitting all Aesculap sterile containers with filter retainers for single use or reusable filters
  • The filter can remain in the filter retainer for the entire period
  • No need for additional operation filter change step during reprocessing
  • Extremely resistant, chemical-proof and durable high tech material
Dagm******* I live the look, I love the feel, unfortunately they are too small for me. But for someone with average size legs, they would be perfect. I really need a plus size.
Jo*** I purchased these for my mother who sometimes has leg pain and she has been enjoying them. They have alleviatedCompression Socks / Stockings for Women and Men 20 - 30 mmhg | Large High Calf Fit Also Covers Toes and Ankle - Great for Travel, Medical Nurse, Running, Pregnancy, Swelling, Varicose Veins, and More. her pain and she is now sleeping better. I'm happy with them and the price I got them at!
Co**** After having a very bad injury to my left foot my foot swells and is very painful at the end of the day. These are the only socks that fit me right, decreased the pain I was having, did not roll down as I walked and my foot is not swollen and painful at the end of the day!
Amazon******** I just received these socks. They are really, really comfortable. They are extremely supportive and I feel like I walk lighter when I wear them. Plus, the colors are great - I like that the look is more feminine than most of the other compression socks out there.
M. S***** I am very happy with this purchase. The socks are well made and fit all the way up to the back of my knee (I'm 5'8") and also comfortably fit my wide calves. I will definitely be purchasing more of these.
Kurste******** The socks is a perfect fit for me. I recently started training for a 1/2 marathon and I realized that the pair of compression socks I had no longer worked for me. A friend recommended that I give these a try. So happy that I listened to her. My morning runs have been so much better and less pain for my calves.
Kev**** Bought these for my 93 year old grandmother. They seem to help her not tire as easily and have more support and strength while she is walking. They fit nice and snug and go up to her knee. She can pretty easily grab hold of the top of each one and push down to take them off. Very happy with these stockings!
jame******* I love these socks. They look great and feel wonderful. Will be ordering some more pairs very shortly. Would highly recommend these so socks to anyone needing compression socks.
Dw** These fit comfortably and feel great. A lot of support in the right areas.
Hol**** I absolutely love these socks... I stand up for very long hours working in the medical field...they stay up on my legs and do not roll...they feel amazing and I can't wait to buy more...

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