Safil® Mesh bag Absorbable mesh bag for organ stabilization and hemostasis

Safil® Mesh bag is a warp-knitted bag made of polyglycolic acid. Through compression of injured organs haemostasis is achieved while the regular blood circulation within the tissue is sustained. In regular cases no additional suture material is necessary. If parenchymatous tissue has to be sutured in severe cases, Safil® Mesh bag offers resistance for the suture material to prevent the thread from cutting or tearing through the tissue. Its reduced foreign body material helps for minor tissue reaction. Because of the adapted pore size of Safil® Mesh bag it prevents additional injury to parenchymatous organs. Through gently pulling on the holding threads a homogenous adaptation and compression is achieved.


  • Adapted pore size
  • Reduced foreign body material helps to reduce tissue reaction
  • Total absorption after 60-90 days
  • Porous mesh structure
  • Very elastic and pliable
  • Low risk of late secondary infections due to the degradation of the material


Organ stabilization and haemostasis in cases of trauma and in operations on different organs:

  • Spleen
  • Kidney
Sun***** I received my third Ameribag Healthy Back Bag promptly from Amazon this afternoon. These bags really do take the pressure off your back, and the straps have a pebbled surface which keeps them on your shoulder. There are two generous outside pockets, one zippered and one with a Velcro flap. The zippered outside pocket has another Velcro-fastened pocket just behind it for stashing receipts, tickets, and such. I've never lost an item from an Ameribag Healthy Back Bag. My pocket umbrella fits in the long, narrow pocket on the curved outside of the bag. The silver lining helps me locate everything inside the bag, so I don't lose things at the bottom. Just inside the bag, adjacent to the zipper is a short, elastic key leash, so I always know where my keys are. I slip my cellphone into the handy small pocket and can carry a small water bottle in the long,narrow pocket at the back of the bag. There are two large slip pockets, narrow ones for pens, and a zippered one for a wallet and/or credit card carrier. There's plenty of room for a tablet and/or Kindle, too. My big sunglass case AND regular glasses case will fit in the bag along with a small camera in its case. I can stash coupons and/or a guidebook into the outer pocket. I sometimes stuff in a couple of "Envirosacs" to grocery shop. The strap can be lengthened to carry in front of you or across your body as well as over your shoulder. While Healthy Back Bags may not be the height of fashion, they are not hard on the eyes and are wonderfully functional bags for everyday use and travel. They are also big enough to hold a little bag if you want to leave this one locked up someplace as you go out. I got the black microfiber one this time, and it is very attractive and smooth. I have a distressed nylon one, too, and a medium size (which to me is huge!) which I take on longer day trips where I might be putting my sweater, souvenirs, and books when traveling. I've washed them on the delicate cycle or simply spot cleaned my others, and they've stayed fresh-looking. I love designer bags and own a couple of them, but for comfort and functionality, you cannot beat these bags! They are terrific!
Diane******* I came across the Healthy Bag Backs accidentally while shopping around for a new bag by either of my two favorite brands, Timbuk2 and Crumpler. I liked the concept--and all the pockets. After watching one of the company's videos, I decided on a Small. Unwrapping it, I wondered whether the Medium might have been a wiser choice, but after a week of daily use, I find the Small is more than adequate for what I carry. It comfortably fits Kindle, cell phone, A5 planner, A6 journal, assorted pens, hand cream, scarf, wallet, small thermos, makeup, keys, fingerless gloves, dog's collapsible water bowl (plus treats and baggies), as well as odd items I might have with me on a given day. The lighter-colored liner makes it easy to find pockets and items. It's a great bag for anyone who carries a lot of small items around but hates fumbling for them. My main concern was security--that is, pickpockets. This always worries me more with backpacks. The AmeriBag ''''s internal zip pockets are good for securing a wallet or documents. And even full, the bag sits quite flat against the body so that the double zipper on its main compartment is also secure whether the bag is worn across the body or on the shoulder. There's also a D-ring at the top where you can secure a wallet that has a clip. (I adapted a small zip wallet with card slots by adding a ring and carabiner.) For the first few days, I used the external zip pocket to store my cell phone but the deep slip pocket is just as safe--plus it's quicker for reaching the phone when it rings. The bag is well made. The microfiber is sturdy and discreet (no shine). The bag looks great with casual clothes, but also goes well with office wear. Although it can be worn on the back, it doesn't have that awkward backpack bulkiness. Overall I'm happy enough with this bag to consider a second one, possibly the largest size for use as carry-on when I travel.
The Gr********** I cannot love this bag enough. I had been borrowing my mom's, which was a good fifteen years old, every time I would travel because this bag does it all. Plenty of places to store your passport wallet, your camera, a water bottle, souvenirs you pick up during the day, snacks and energy bars, and the outer pockets are great for stashing your mobile, receipts or boarding passes, you name it. I got the Small, which is not small by any stretch and I would totally use as a daily purse. You probably couldn't get a full sized tablet in there, but then again, I used it actually on site in places like Japan, Iceland, and Australia as the bag I wore on all my excursions, shopping, etc. I got the Microfiber finish and took it to Iceland in September. Everything inside stayed dry despite an almost constant drizzle and wind, exactly like I had hoped it would. Extremely comfortable. This is my very favorite international travel bag.
Joan M. ************ This is the perfect bag for travel through airports. The center opening allows easy access to many of the compartments. The outside zippered compartment is perfect for a passport and tickets. The inside upper zippered compartment can hold baggage tickets and/or money. There's a space for glasses, a notebook, pens, kleenex, hand sanitizer, etc. I can even fit my kindle in the bag. Snacks fit in too. A small water bottle can fit into the outside pouch. Also, the weight distribution makes it comfortable to carry. It's almost like a backpack although more secure since I can clutch it under my arm. I switched to a smaller bag when I reached my destination and was on the guided tour, bit this bag serves the purpose for the practical traveller.
El*** Well constructed and easy to clean material. I first bought the medium size and returned it because I thought it was too big. The small size is nice but now that I've had it a while I wish I had kept the medium. With the small, I don't feel like a sherpa but the medium would be convenient to hold more small purchases.
Amazon******** Decided to go with the small, and very happy I did. I needed something to make traveling easier without having a bulky backpack, but also something that looked a little more classic and dressy. The material is very nice, good quality. The zippers are sturdy and work as expected without a lot of tug. I feel that the extra small would have been just enough for wallet and a couple other things, while the small can actually fit small wallet, small 4" makeup bag, 2 glass cases, iPad mini in it's streamline case. There's still enough room for other things without it getting over stuffed. Seriously, this bag is like a clown car with all its little pockets, sleeves and zippers inside and out. I took it on a test run today and I found it very comfortable and easy to carry. I especially like that it doesn't slip off my shoulder and that I can swing it in front of me to access. I like it so much that I just made it my everyday bag and just ditched my expensive cross body purses, when my goal was just to have a sling bag for traveling. My only regret is that I didn't discover this sooner!
Ka** I take FOREVER when I shop for purses, and as a mother of 4, I carry a lot of kid stuff alongside whatever I need for the day. With that said, I like to have enough pockets for to find my things, but enough of a "black hole" effect to hold everything else that comes my way. This purse is perfect. I have the medium size, and it has an outside pocket for my sunglasses and phone that close magnetically. On the strap there is another pocket that is perfect for a bottle of water (there's another one on the spine of the interior as well). Inside there is a slim pocket to hold several pens/pencils, and MANY interior pockets to hold and organize my other stuff. Lastly, with all of this weight usually on my left shoulder, I started to have to get my shoulder adjusted by my chiropractor monthly. I do not have to do this anymore, and there is less backache. That alone makes this bag a winner. :D
pc**** Received this item in a timely manner and it looked great. A dark medium blue that feels very smooth and looks very nice. I am not sure if I was sent the wrong size or not. Because when I read the label, it said medium size but I ordered the small I thought. I do like this size as a commuter bag, I can fit my Ipad Air 2 with a Targus VersaVu Premium 360 degree rotating case quite easily in the tablet pocket. I could probably fit something a few inches bigger and a bit wider if necessary. You can carry quite a lot of stuff in this just remember it narrows as it goes up in height. But this can do double duty as an overnight bag too. I can fit my IPhone Se with a BookBook for IPhone 5 cover in the smaller outside pocket. This works great as a cross body bag, If you have a short torso, it may not be as comfortable. I like the ability to pull the bag to my front to access the inside. If this is the medium size bag, great as commuter bag but a bit big as an everyday bag. I would like to try a small or extra small in the future.
me*** Organization, Organization and more organization ! So many pockets; zippered pockets inside and out, angled sections etc. There is a place for everything--even with every compartment and pocket filled, you can still carry an IPad Mini and more in the center area of the purse. I love this "healthy back bag" with the adjustable strap to allow several ways to carry the bag! Most importantly, this bag is better for your back! Feels lighter than an ordinary purse!
* This is the 2nd one of these that I've owned. They're very durable & sturdy! The first one I had, I used for over 6 years every day. OK so I'm not the type who changes bags w/ every outfit. Only reason I bought a new one is because I machine washed the 1st one a couple of times & it was (finally) starting to look a little faded. It's such a practical shape & size w/o being bulky or distracting. The way it hangs & expands is deceptively accommodating. I've used it on travel & stuffed lots of snacks in it for the movies & probably fit as much in it as someone else might put into a small backpack. I like the microfiber version because it's lighter than what I assume the leather would be and I think the fabric ones might attract & show a little more dirt. You can view all the different styles on the website. I would've bought the special edition w/ the black-on-black embroidered "I Love my Life" on it - but it was quite a bit more ($75). One thing I noticed w/ this new bag is that it has a slightly different strap buckle. Holds better than the 1st one, which tended to slide. I would secure it w/ large safety pin on the inside of the strap near the bottom & it was barely noticeable. The original one also came w/ a wrap-around shoulder pad that they apparently don't include on this newer one. I took it off the old one & snapped it onto the strap of the new one. And same like I did on the first one, I carefully removed the 2 plastic squares of the hook-side of the Velcro patches, which tended to be 'scratchy' when pulling my hand in & out of the side pockets. All in all a great practical bag!

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