Single Use Electrode Handle Safety for both the patient and the user

  • Fatigue-free work by means of narrow, handy shape with an ergonomic position of the push buttons (CUT / COAG).
  • Tactile and audible feedback is ensured when the push buttons are activated.
  • Rotation-free insertion of 2.4 mm standard electrodes.
  • Fast, simple and reliable sterile supply.
  • Safety - the electrode handles comply with HF 18 Standard of AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, USA).
  • Compatibility of the handle with any common electrosurgical unit.
  • Electrode handle with and without finger push buttons.

Single use electrodes:

  • Ball electrode (ball diameter 4.7 mm)
  • Needle electrode (diameter 1.0 mm)
Ed ***** Generally quite helpful in transfers and much better and safer than standard gait belts. There is still a tendency for the belt to "ride up" the rib cage, which I think could be avoided by a small taper or narrowing at the bottom of the belt. Also over time the nylon belt will loosen due to small slippages where it attaches to the buckle. This could be fixed by a firmer clamp like mechanism to grab the nylon.
Kathy ********* I brought my husband home after a massive stroke. He is still partially paralyzed. I learned how to transfer him without a gait belt, but caregivers have to have insurance and insurance dictates using the belt. And after using the first belt I realized it would be easier to have one in the car, on the back of hubby's wheelchair, and one by the bed. So three are here and I will never be without, just a very good thing to have when someone needs a boost to get from one place to another! The old belt type gait belt I bought raveled and was not easy to put on and off, this one, super easy, clicks on and off. NICE!
Star****** A great gait belt purchase that is just a better mousetrap. The belt itself is wide and does not cut into the patient being transferred. The seatbelt type lock is so much easier than the thread-in kind. The green straps at various places on the belt make it so much easier to find a safe lifting spot, or for two people to help with the assist. I have found that while not everyone can do a great job with a regular gait belt, this Posey belt is easier for first-timers to handle, with more safety belts to get a grip on. Be sure to tighten the belt comfortably at the waist so the lift area stays at the waist and does not slide up. If you have more than one regular person doing transfers, you will want to keep one of these around to keep well-intentioned visitors on a level and safe playing field.
Consta******** Solid construction in the belt, handles, and buckle. Easy to adjust size even when in use. My only gripe is that it's a bit slipperier than the cotton belts, but since I am only using it to "guard" instead of to lift that's not much of a problem. Handles are slightly on the small side for my large hands, but still quite usable.
Janet ******** Thank goodness I found this ambulation belt. My mother who has Alzheimer's and has begun to have trouble with balance, now has a shuffling gait and must have assistance coming to feet and sitting. My back was killing me from directly bearing her weight even though she is a petite woman.
phil***** Bought this for the caregivers taking care of my mom. Makes transfers and lifts so much easier. Easy for non-nurses to use. I'm a nurse and have used many transfer belts...this is better than any I've used in a hospital. The buckle is a little tough, but I've had many hand surgeries so probably all of them would have this issue. Very worth it! Good price for what you get too.
are***** Purchased this for my mother after she had a fall and ended up in a hospital then a rehab facility. It is easy to use and I like that it has the quick release buckle. Once you get the size set it works quickly and easily. We plan on using this anytime she leaves the house. The grab handles on the sides of the belt are nice and make it easy to keep a firm hand on the belt without affecting her movement. A little more money than the basic gait belt but I fell it is well worth the extra money.
Blon***** I have to say this gait belt is way better than a simple belt gate belt. It has handles and different ways to help lift. My only criticism is that it should have more handles. This product recently save me from a fall which was really awesome. It also helps me get in and out of the car when my husband helps me. There is no option in gait belts as far as I'm concerned… Those old-style ones stink. Don't buy them… By this.
Ba**** The usual gait belt had been hurting my mother and as had worked with kids in hippotherapy and had been impressed with the belts used to help hold the children on the horses so was looking for a gait belt with handles. This one wasn't too wide for her and made lifting much safer.
M.** Marvelous tool for maneuvering elderly or persons with disabilities.I have used this several times since purchasing about a month ago. I have used it several times to get my wife back on her feet after slipping or falling. without the belt I could not have did it without assistance. It is also very good to have it on a person who requires assistance while walking. Just slip on under the person's loose upper garment, the loop straps are ideal to hold and steady . The belt used in this manner is not very noticeable to most people. I highly recommend this belt, very well made and sturdy, Best item I have purchased in a long time. I am not a professional care giver or medical worker.

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