Surecan® and Surecan® SafetyII Non-coring needles for Access Ports

Surecan® and Cytocan are access port needles with a specially designed and patented bevel. The bevel allows easy penetration of the needle into the septum while eliminating the punching-out effect and facilitating the closure of the septum after needle removal. Surecan® Safety II is a power injectable non-coring needle designed by nurses for nurses, which avoids the risk of accidental needles injuries.


  • Non-coring needles 
  • A modified rear cutting edge to prevent any shaving of silicone fragments 
  • Increases the lifespan of a port by avoiding leakage of the membrane
  • Latex and DEHP free
  • Non siliconised cannula to improve needle retention in septum and avoids spontaneous extraction of needles from the septum
  • MR conditional



Surecan® and Cytocan are used to puncture access ports to increase the port's lifespan. 
Depending on the range, Surecan® can be used for:

  • Bolus injection up to seven days infusion for antibiotherapy, transfusion, blood sampling and TPN
  • Power injection of contrast media when CT scan is performed 

General information

Surecan® range is available in various lengths and gauges according to clinical and patient needs: 

  • Straight Surecan® for flushing or bolus applications 
  • Angled Surecan® for bolus or longer infusions
  • Angled Surecan® allow high pressure injection of contrast media for CECT

Winged Surecan® and Cytocan needles are available in various lengths and gauges:

  • Angled needles with smooth, flexible handling and fixation wings and extension tubing with clamp for long term infusions 
  • Y-site configuration available with Winged Surecan®
  • Winged Surecan® without Y-site allow high pressure injection of contrast media for CECT

Surecan® Safety II are available in various lengths and gauges:

  • Also available with Ultrasite® and with Ultrasite® -Y 
  • Power injectable (325 psi)
  • Needle free connector with positive pressure valve
  • High density closed-cell pad, reducing risk of infection and increasing patient’s comfort
  • Very low-profile, ergonomic wings
  • Intuitive deployment
  • Green spot on the base to confirm correct deployment of the safety mechanism
  • Needle and wings clip to the base for security which can be unclipped for rotative flushing of the port
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