Surgical Loop For retraction of organs

Surgical Loop consists of retraction tapes made of radiopaque silicone or cotton. The surgical tapes are used for the intraoperative isolation, marking and looping of organs, blood vessels, tendons and nerves, or for tying off the umbilical cord of the new born infant.


  • Security aspects
    • Strong and reliable
    • Single-use
    • Atraumatic
    • Silicone radiopaque Surgical Loop
  • Convenience aspects
    • Extremely smooth surface
    • Pliable
    • No tissue adherence
    • Easy, convenient packaging presentation
    • Distinct colours to ease differentiation
    • Various product dimensions to suit all purposes


Sizes available 1.2 or 2.5 mm (silicone) 4 to 8 mm (cotton)


Surgical Loop is used to:

  • Retract nerves, tendons, arteries, veins, ureters, vessels and other structures in order to access the operation site
  • Differentiate and/or identify organs or areas while operating
  • Clamp
Kevin******* As someone who is relatively new to CrossFit, and also has sort of weak and delicate wrists, these were a must for me. These really help to support my wrists while I build strength. I typically don't use them for lifting during the strength portion of the day's workout (so I can use a short number of reps to build wrist strength) but I strap these on for WODs with a large number of reps, or anytime I'm working on snatches or overhead squats. These are a little thicker and more substantial than your typical wraps (the thinner fabric type that wrap around a few times and are held on by string at the end) but these provide excellent support without compromising movement.
Ra**** Love these! Keep my wrists from getting sore during overhead press and keeps my arms from being bruised by kettlebells. I like the color. It is hard to find non black wraps, and the pink is more of a hot pink. I like that they are very stretchy elastic so I can customize the fit. I get people asking about them at the gym a lot. Highly recommend!
D.*** Arrived super fast and appear to be exact same quality as much more expensive ones. Color quality is exactly as in the pictures = happy wife. Elasticity is good and the velcro holds well. Stitching looks solid as well. Will be hand-washing (as I do with all these types of things) so hopefully they will last for a long time to come.
Bonn******* Revletics makes amazing products. I love their wrist wraps and their water bottles. These wraps are excellent—firm, but not too binding. Highly recommend. They also have amazing customer service. They just replaced my water bottle handle at no charge.
Amazon******** LOVE!!! Great quality and will definitely purchase again!!! Perfect!!
Er** Love these. I use them for clean & jerks, push press, and more and they keep my wrists from aching. They are strong and sturdy.
E** I was hesitant to start using wrist wraps, but what can I say? They work. I can lift heavier because my wrists aren't giving out anymore.
Liveli********* Supportive! What more can you say....except prettier than the black and red. Makes it easy to find amongst those black ones at the gym!! :-)
Jacob D********** the thumb straps are sort of uncomfortable, but maybe all wrist supports are like that. Otherwise they work great for weight lifting
J** I couldn't wait for these to come in the mail, and they delivered them so quick!!! I've used them everyday during weightlifting and LOVE them. They are long enough to wrap around a few times and the velcro is thick, so it stays in place no matter what you do.

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