Tempofilter™ II For temporary implantation



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B. Braun
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  • The Tempofilter™ II is the only temporary vena cava filter which is specifically designed to ensure an effective caval filtration for up to 3 months.
  • Tempofilter™ II combines effectiveness of caval filtration, ease of use and predictability of retrieval.

What are the advantages of having a tethered filter?

  • Due to the tethering catheter, no fixation barbs are needed to ensure a correct positioning. The endothelialization is minimized, for a safe and easy retrieval. Additionally, the subcutaneous fixation device ensures a minimal risk of infection at the puncture site.

The explantation procedure is:

  • Simple – no additional invasive procedures needed.
  • Cost effective – no need to purchase a retrieval kit.
  • Predictable – the Tempofilter™ II can always be safely retrieved within the implantation period of 3 months.
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