Test Thử Thai HCG ABON (Dạng Que - 5mm)

Cha**** These elbow sleeves will NOT let you down… trust me! I purchased these sleeves with the intent to use them on arm day! My elbows are not the best of quality… However, these sleeves are! Whoever came up with the design for these knew what they were doing and thats a fact! These are definitely high quality and will not slip, pinch, or bunch up with bending/extending movements like other cheap elbow sleeves. The design of these sleeves is simple, yet effective! I have never been more satisfied with another product to help protect my elbows! These will not let you down! When you are lifting heavy weights injuries can happen, but with these sleeves injury will be the last thing on your mind!
Jo*** I am a 4 time USPA national record powerlifter for the 67.5kg men's open division. I decided to try out some elbow sleeves to keep my elbows warm during my longer bench press workouts. These sleeves are high quality and comfortable. I kept them on for over an hour and a half and had no problems at all. Note that elbow sleeves are not legal for powerlifting competitions, so I would use them for high volume days. They aren't made to provide a lot of pop out of the bottom position, so don't expect to add much to your bench max. But they do what they are made for and will provide joint warmth.
Tim**** I definitely recommend these sleeves. I got an injured elbow, but these sleeves are able to reduce the pain and let me keep working out. Pro: They keep my elbows warm and provide good compression without cutting the blood circulation. Con: May need to wash once in a while. Tip: Put this on at the beginning of your workout. It could be hard to wear when you get sweaty and pumped up on your arm. My measurement is 11.5" and I got M size. They fit perfectly.
SB*** My elbows started yelling at me, and I decided to search for a little help. I wanted an elbow sleeve that was on the longer side and didn't cost 50 bucks. I have some Stoic knee sleeves that I love, but they have since bumped up the cost of all their stuff. These ProFitness elbow sleeves fit the bill. Cheap, good quality, a bit longer. So far they are holding up well.
Ge*** There so many companies offering similar products for athletic purposes but so far this company is the best. It stands behind it's products 100% even in the face of financial loss which is more then made up by happy customers. The experience alone is worth dealing with this company, wish there were more like it.
Sean***** Just like the knee sleeves I bought, the elbow sleeves are great! Keeping those elbows warm during lifts are important. The compression is great and of course helps prevent injuries. The best part of the elbow sleeves are, you really don’t need someone to assist helping you up them on. I was able to put both sleeves on and smash my bench session. Always remember you have to protect your joints. Being prepared is key! ProFitness makes good quality products that’s are affordable and get the job done! Don’t hesitate!
Siby****** Have used elbow sleeves for years if not decades for exercise. Most of them they would roll onto themselves when worn. Very frustrating. These elbow sleeves do just what they are supposed to do. Stay put when put on. They do not roll down and bind. They are very comfortable. I was able to get a size that fits me. This is the 2nd pair I have ordered so I can have them at different locations. Would highly recommend.
Chr**** My left elbow was starting to irritate me a little bit when lifting heavier weights, especially on the bench press. I’m 161- 5’7” and benching 225 was more painful, and straining than I thought due to the pain in my left elbow. Tried these out, and felt no pain! It actually helped me get that last rep in! My inner bend at the elbow measures 10.5-11 inches. The medium is snug, but perfect! They’re very durable, and would hold up to even the most intense workouts you throw at it. Like the 7mil knee sleeves, these don’t retain the smell at all! Can’t beat it for the price!
Howard********** I have been using these Elbow Sleeves now for 2 weeks. They work great and do what they are supposed to do. High quality and super durable. They stay in place yet aren't too tight. They are very comfortable to wear. I sometimes have bouts of tendonitis in my elbows. These sleeves give excellent support. No more elbow pain doing bicep curls and bent over back rows!
Jonath********** If you have any sort of elbow pain whatsoever then there should be no hesitation to buy these. Not only do they help your elbow pain they also make you feel more secure on your lifts due to the fact you do not have to worry about any sort of elbow pain while doing the lift. Everyone knows while lifting heavy the aches can come. These not only prevent those aches but keep the thought of any aches absent from the mind.

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