Total & Direct Bilirubin (DMSO Method)

I have done a lot of market research and compared 9 different test kits of various competitors. This one offers a lower price but tests more allele markers. (They say on the website they test 22 markers in total, but that includes the Amelogenin, so 21 useful markers remain. In my case, only 20 were tested, I don't know if that was an exception.) Many competitors only test 16 markers. Some competitors test 24 markers (and are more expensive), but in order to get a statistically conclusive result, 24 is not necessary. 20 is more than enough. My result for 20 markers was 99.9999996% paternity, and that WITHOUT the need to include a DNA sample of the known mother (which would have increased the percentage even more). What can you ask more? That high percentage corresponds to a false positive chance of 1:250,000,000 :-) This means: If the lab hypothetically tested 250,000,000 other random men in the world (there are not even that many men in the US), then they would find that just ONE of them (other than myself) would have a set of DNA allele values that would NOT exclude them as the father of my child (this happens just by random chance). The other 249,999,999 tested men would be excluded as father with certainty. I am a professional engineering statistician, and I was totally impressed that a simple 30-second test can give such conclusive results. I have never seen anything even close to that. I still can't get over this... The lab is AABB and ISO17025 certified. Many competitor labs are only AABB certified (since this is the only one mandated by law in the US). Return shipping is free (prepaid First Class USPS envelope with tracking number was included in the shipment). I tracked the shipment online (took 2 days), and the result was in my email inbox 2 days after they received the mailing. The complete set of raw data was included. Their customer service was professional and competent in answering questions. Note that many DNA kits sometimes receive unfavorable reviews simply because the alleged father is unhappy with the result. Don't get fooled. Read the full text of the review to understand why they were unhappy and gave a low rating :-) This statement applies to reviews for the competitors as well of course.
ja*** I purchase this product for my nephew on August 9, 2018. It arrived in an unmarked package on August 15. I tested him and the baby (one month old) on August 16 and mailed it the same day. The testing site received it on August 22 at 9:15 am. They emailed the results to me on August 24. The whole process was really simple and directions easy to follow. The results excluded him from being the father. I'm glad I gave him a peace of mind and prevented him from building an emotional bond with a baby that is not his. This is probably a test you would want to do on every child even if you have no doubts. Being that the mother was 1000 percent sure he fathered this child.
Camilo********** I was really impressed at how fast this company turned the results around. I mailed the kit to them overnight instead of using their postage paid envelope because I was too impatient to wait any longer than necessary for the test results. They received the samples on Wednesday and I had the results emailed to me on Monday. I can only think of one thing I would suggest to them and that would be to include some sort of explanation on how to read the details of the results. The final result is very clear and easy to locate and read but there is quite a bit of detail on the results and nothing to tell you what it all means. Of course, I'm one of those guys that like to know everything, most people I am sure only care about the end result on a test like this... Which by the way was a pleasant positive result in my case... I found out that I have a 29-year-old son I knew nothing about. :-)
R** The process was incredibly simple and their customer service is great. I had to call twice and the person I spoke to was very knowledgeable and helpful. I spent the last year of my life thinking I was the father and this test saved me a lot of additional heartache and money. Would recommend to anyone with doubts.
L Ma***** Test kit instructions were very easy to follow. Came with everything we needed, including a return envelope which already had paid postage. Put the kit in the mail on Monday and received the results by Friday through my email. Very pleased with the service. Highly recommend.
Patri******** They sent it to me in a plain white box to make it discreet which I liked. The box includes the kit which you first have to register with DNA Direct on their website. The email you use there is the email that the result will come to. The kit comes with instructions, a consent form, 4 swabs, 2 envelopes (for packing the swabs), and a paid return packaging. I took the test on a Sunday, sent it off the next day on Monday and received results Tuesday of the next week. May would have came faster but that Monday was a federal holiday. The actual kit said you’ll get the results 2 days after they receive it. Didn’t say business days but I just assumed it was. They received it on that Thursday. It was easy to use and got the results fast enough. 4 Stars because I can’t verify the accuracy but they do have the option for taking one that is admissible in court so they must be a reputable and legit company.
Th*** This process was so incredibly easy. Bought the DNA test and it was delivered 2 days later. Did the swab then mailed the whole test to the other recipients. She did the swab and mailed the package in the envelope provided the next day. In slightly over a week from start to finish a 30 year old puzzle was solved. Buy with confidence.
Cristi********* Bought it on a Wednesday, arrived thrusday and got results the next tuesday afternoon.
* Everything went great. May not have been the outcome that was wanted, but it was the outcome that was needed. Relationships are getting worked out and rebuilt. If all works out, according to God's Will, and biological dad steps up, my daughter will now be able to have 2 dads as well as a few siblings. God makes no mistakes, and to him I'm grateful! We got our test same day shipping on 1/24/19. We swabbed the next day 1/25/19 and shipped off that morning as well. Product was then received by company on Monday 1/28/19. We received results 1/30/19 by 5pm MST. I hope this review gives you the strength and comfort you need to let the secret out. I tried to hide 3 and a half years of guilt and confusion all the while hurting myself and others in the process. I had to let it go and the weight is lifted!
Amazon******** It works. Lab results as promised. It really worth it. Now I know the truth.

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