Unimom Smart Electric Breast Pump

Item #:   UM871142  

Intended Use

The Breast pump is designed t the following use:

  • To relieve breast engorgement and express surplus milk.
  • To enable baby to be fed from bottle with mother’s milk.




  • USB Cable included
  • Comfort Phase[Massage/Expression]
  • Hygienic backflow prevention The backflow protection tool blocks the breastmilk from flowing backward
  • Soft rhythmic expression Imitated just like a baby’s suction rhythm
  • Convenient UseThe pump is light(235g) and portable; convenient use without the air tube. Power the breast pump conveniently with the micro USB jack
  • Smart USB Power Option Join the smart generation and use the breast pump with the micro USB jack(Smartphone jack)
  • Suction-Level Control With the 6-level button function, you can control from light massage to strong suction level
  • Ergonomically DesignedComfortable grip design that is focused for our mothers hands
  • _5VDC 2A Power Supply for Smart Product

Cleaning and Sterilization

  • Clean all parts thoroughly and wipe main body with a clean damp cloth immediately after each use


  • Sterilize the kit as per the sterilizer manufacture instructions. Dry all parts prior to assembly
  • The main body do not need to be washed as they are isolated from body fluids
  • When unit is not to be used for extended period, store carefully in a cool, dry place


  • Clean your hands and sanitise the kit before using the breast pump


  • Do not overfull the bottle more than 4 oz. level
  • It’s recommended to feed directly to baby if this is not possible please refer to the guidelines below:
    • Room temperature (26°C or lower) up to 3 hours (do not store milk in hot weather)
    • Refrigerator 4°C or lower keeps up to 1 day
    • Freezer -18°C or lower up to 3 months

Made in Korea



Silke******** I much prefer these over the other brand because of the ability to grade the alcohol level. The grading shows me if I am close to being able to feed or pump and should wait an hour or if I need to pump and dump.
shaka******** Love these . They work great, I have tried other brands and they don’t work like these do ! Will be reordering
B* Works well
Bri**** These work well when testing milk. Had 2 glasses of wine and it showed up at the 0.02 level. I like that they have different measures of alcohol content.
Sta***** I really like the color chart. Good product that gives me some peace of mind.
Emi***** I use these to detect any alcohol in my breast milk and I like how it shows a range of color unlike some other ones I've used before. They seem pretty accurate to me and I'm happy with the price.
hil**** Very useful.

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