Unitrac® Pneumatic Holding Arm So easy …

The pneumatic retraction and holding system for open as well as for minimally invasive surgery, neurosurgery, orthopaedics and traumatology.


  • One hand manipulation
  • Universal use
  • Independent from compressed air connections
  • Easy to attach to OR-table
  • Quick sterile set-up in the OR


  • 4 kg holding force
  • 350° liberty of action
  • Quick coupling for fast fixation of accessories
  • CO2 air cartridge for compressed air supply
  • Quick set up with sterile drape
  • Extensive range of accessories – blades, AtriumLift-, camera- and endoscope-holders


Aesculap offers an extensive range of accessories for the Unitrac® Pneumatic holding arm for different disciplines.

Da**** Who wants to look bad when you're not feeling well? Not me. I found this gem on Amazon and then got the greatest customer service ever.... Let me tell you about Robyn. I have never had such great customer service in all of my Amazon Life!!!! Robin contacted me when she saw that I had mistakenly order two slings...one for the right and one for the left arm. She went out of her way to confirm what my real need was and then continued to go even further to help me with sizing to ensure I got the right sling for my arm. I was neverous as it was for surgery but she made the experience that much easier with her warm demeanor and great follow up emails. I would order from Robyn every time!!!!!
Kat***** I bought this for my 5 yo, as the sling from the doctors office rubbed her neck, to the point where she didn't want to wear it. It came super fast, was a little big for her but omg super cute and comfortable! She wore it constantly, which was the point of buying it. She got so many compliments on it every day. Even the doctors office staff had never seen anything like it. But the main thing I loved was that it was comfortable for her and it wasn't a fight to get her to wear it.
st** My 8 year old loved this. It had enough bling for her but wasn't too much. She got a lot of compliments and it made her feel better with a broken elbow and ugly cast. It was a little big but only she noticed.
1* This really cheered up my daughter, she broke her arm in gymnastics. Great quality. Great bling, I got a small for my 8 year old and fit perfect.
Amazon******** Beautiful, great art and perfect colors!
Bi*** Love this. If you are gonna sport a broken wing, bling it up!
mary******* I had the misfortune to break my shoulder. The sling the hospital me was the standard black sling. I wanted something that made me feel a little more "pretty" when I went out. I purchased the Pretty In Pink sling......WOW I got many compliments everywhere I wore it, AND it was actually more comfortable & supported my arm better than the standard issue sling! Price was great and I got in in just a couple of days.....very happy!
J** My 8 year old daughter broke both bones in her left forearm and will be in a cast for 3 mths. That's a bummer. She had the hospital generic sling that wasn't a good nor comfortable fit. So, we called all the drugstores in our area for a prescription sling, but the best they had was a snoopy theme :(. Then we looked on amazon and found this AWESOME looking bling sling. I thought Mariah Carey came up with this concept but little did I know how ahead of the curve Couture Brands was. First, I ordered 2 colors, pink and blue, to coordinate with my 8-year old "girly" girl's style and school uniform. Erroneously, I ordered 1 left and 1 right, and only realized when I saw the confirm email. I then ordered another left pink cause that was my daughter's 1st color choice and I didn't want to disappoint her. The seller had the insight to call me to confirm BEFORE shipping the order. That's 5-star service. When we got the shipment and my daughter saw them, her 1st comment- " Now THAT'S a bling sling!!!". Then she exclaimed, "It's SO comfortable!" We LOVE the Velcro adjustment on the strap. They are very well made and look amazing. According to my daughter "It's like Comfortable and Beautiful had a baby and named it - It's So Cool (SC)!!!!!!" We can't thank you enough for making these.
R* When my 6 year old broke her humerus the sling from the doctor was so ugly and very uncomfortable. I promised her a pink one, but couldn't find one. After reading the reviews of this I decided to try the small for her. It fit perfectly and is so cute. The best part is the strap is so soft, no more complaints from her about it digging into her neck. The velcro is much easier than the belt type contraption on the one from the doctor as well. The material of the sling its self has a slight stretch to it, helping her arm stay snug inside. Very glad we took a chance on this one, it made the pain of a broken arm a little less for a little girl.
Ti** My daughter loves this sling. The fabric has a slight stretch which is more comfortable than the hospital issued sling. The strap is soft with room for adjustments. The sequins just make it so cute. She has had many compliments. The small perfectly fits my daughter who is 8 and in a full arm cast. After getting the right sling instead of the left, the seller promptly exchanged it and even sent a free cover and glasses case. They have excellent customer service and prompt responses that are greatly appreciated.

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