Upass 2-stage Electric Breast Pump

Item #: UP1642

Baby breastfeeding action takes place like a release cycle of a suction pump. This action can be described according to a sinusoidal schema, which is determined by two factors: suction (A-mmHg) and speed (1/f-min). However, mechanism of maternal lactation is quite special, breast milk secretion is not like a horse running from a jar full of milk. In contrast, the milk secretion rate is irregular and unstable, but it follows a rule that the baby knows well.

Observing a child while breastfeeding, we will see that baby suckle at mother’s breast in two stages:
1- Initially, baby suckles quickly (f1) with light suction (A1). That allows massaging mother’s breast and stimulating the milk let-down reflex. At this stage (Massaging Stage), the breast milk starts to flow.
2- When the milk flow becomes steady, baby changes the suckling way. He suckles with deeper suction (A2) and keep the suction speed slower (f2). That’s called Pumping Stage for getting as much milk as quickly as possible.  

UPASS 2-Stage Electric Breast Pump provides the milk sucking procedure that simulates the baby natural breastfeeding way by a perfect combination of these two stages. This breast pump equipped with a micro-processor, which programmed 8 suction & speed levels (L1, L2, L3...L8) for one working stage, will meet most of the mother’s needs.

2-Stage Suction Mode
Multi-Suction Level (L1, L2, L3....L8)
8 Level adjustable mode for one working phase (T1; T2)
Dual Power Source
Main electric power or batteries
Ultra-Soft Silicone Massager
Soft and flexible silicone with bubbles design for massaging the breast during pumping. That stimulates the let-down reflex for milk releases with maximum comfort. 
 Anti-Backflow Device
Ensure a direct milk flow from the breast shield to the collecting bottle. That keeps the suction base assembly always clean and dry. 
Dust-Proof Breast Shield Cap 
Dust-proof cap is well fit with breast shield, it keeps breast shield hygiene while carrying or assembling the breast pump. 

6 months for main unit

Made in Taiwan

L* Really gets a better grasp of my elbow than a some of the others I have tried. I fasten the velcro on mine and slide it on and off so that I don't have to constantly keep doing the fastening over and over. Feels much better when I work out with this on.
M. D***** Arrived ahead of time and excellent quality!!!
ATS**** Works well. Simple, effective.
Eric******* Fit much better then my previous purchase of a similar item on Amazon.
Mich******* Great quality and good fit. My elbow feels better already.
Le** It’s great, easy to use and serves its purpose.
Sha***** very comfortable
Pa*** it came the next day. It grab better than the last one I bought.

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