Bơm tiêm 20”


1. Thông tin sản phẩm:

Bơm tiêm 20": 20 ml/cc

Kim số 23G x 1"

- Được khử trùng bằng khí E.O

- Vô trùng, không độc, không gây sốt.

- Công dụng: sử dụng trong tiêm, chích, lấy máu, pha thuốc.

2. Quy cách: 50 chiếc/hộp

3. Xuất xứ: Việt Nam

Ray***** So first off, what I bought was perfect. The service is why I'm writing this. I've had a bad pain inside the outside of my elbow which moved to other parts of my arm. I have an events and catering business that requires my hands on attention. I tried something else, then as usual I looked for what I needed on Amazon. Sleeve came and instantly my arm had a sense of relief. But after about 15/20 mins. the top of my arm was very uncomfortable. So rather than return to Amazon, I called the company to make sure I was even ordering the right product. The gentleman that helped me not only replaced my sleeve with the proper size, but he did it from his warehouse on his dime. Now that's going above and beyond. My daughter plays sports and I will be buying everything she needs from B-driven. Amazon always treats me well, so this was just a further reason for me to patronize Amazon and their vendors.
Rya**** I have tried on multiple sleeves needed to increase blood circulation and this is the closest thing to a Medical grade compression sleeve. Durable, great quality and cool designs. ALSO SOLD AS SOCKS -The socks are awesome as well and durable and won't rip on you like other compression socks. SIZE- I recommend going a size up though they tend to run a little on the small size. I am an in XL and found the MD and LG to cut off my circulation. the sizing was the only issue but other than that perfect. Will be a loyal customer for life!! NOT A FAN OF THE ELBOW Sleeve - was weird fit and not much coverage.
h** I am a 55 year old tournament level tennis player that has been suffering with lower arm issues due to the repetitive trauma from playing tennis 6-7 days a week over the last 50 years. I have tried several different arm sleeves and can honestly say that these offer the best support and compression that I have found. Right now I only wear them to play and work out but I would consider sleeping in them to aid in recovery. I just don't know if that is something recommended by the manufacturer or not. I did post a question regarding this but did not receive an answer. So if anybody knows if you can sleep in these please let me know. Otherwise I highly recommend this product.
M** When diagnosed with forearm tendonitis I was instructed to purchase a compression sleeve along with a brace to use to assist with the recovery and pain associated with tendonitis, by my pain specialist. I have also been prescribed an NSAID gel, due to my sensitivity with aspirin and Tylenol type products. Additionally, I was instructed to use the R.I.C.E. method to also assist with recovery and pain. R= rest, I= ice, C=compression, the E, = elevation. The sleeve arrived and after reading the easy to follow directions, I put the sleeve on and couldn't believe the amount of pain relief I started to receive. I ambulate with a cane and use the computer daily. I'm not able to completely stop using the cane but was able to take a break using the computer. However, I can't stop completely using the computer, as I utilize the computer to pay bills and communicate with friends and family. When having to utilize computer and cane I have the sleeve on and find the pain associated with the tendonitis isn't as severe as it was without it. I was surprised by the level of assistance the sleeve provides when I have to use the things that are believed to be a direct reason for the tendonitis. Since the issue of tendonitis isn't going away anytime soon, unfortunately, I will have to consult with an orthopedic doctor to examine if I have carpal tunnel or some other type of issue that would require surgery to correct. The sleeve is made of high-quality materials, very easy to feel and see with the naked eye while wearing the sleeve. The sleeve is definitely thicker than most other sleeves that I've seen others using. Also, have received some attention due to the design of the sleeve, most seem to complement when viewing on my arm. I'm just happy the sleeve does the job it advertises it will do! I don't find the sleeve to be too tight, although it is tight, my hand still stays warm to the touch and I have no issues with blood circulation issues as I thought I might experience while wearing something this tight around my arm. I would recommend anyone who is experiencing any type of pain associated with tendonitis and given the recommendation to use a compression sleeve, to use the B-Driven Graduated Compression Sleeve. Especially, if like me, you are unable to completely discontinue using the items that may be the root cause of the tendonitis, to begin with. I would also recommend all follow any instructions their doctor gives once you're diagnosed with any type of tendonitis. I wouldn't recommend diagnosing yourself, as any pain similar, could be something more serious that you might be dealing with. I've washed the sleeve a couple of times since I received a couple of weeks ago. I prefer to hand wash and then hang dry. Since we use fabric softener with all our laundry, I wanted to avoid using any fabric softeners on the sleeve as I believe it may break down the material faster than just hand washing with a mild detergent. I also use Lysol Laundry Disinfectant when washing. This is due to a few times while wearing the sleeve, the sleeve caused the arm to sweat, in addition, I also use the NSAID gel 4x daily. Just using laundry detergent doesn't break down all bacteria that can be caused by the sweat and medication laying on the material. Adding the Lysol Laundry disinfectant guarantees the bacteria will be washed away with little concern with the materials breaking down when used with regular laundry detergent. (FYI- Just my washing instructions. The instructions from the makers of the sleeve recommend machine washing and don't say anything about using the Lysol.)
M* Graduated compression sleeve arrive quickly. I ordered a Small for my 11 inch biceps-I'm a 5'2 woman, slim- size fits very well. I have only had it a couple of days, so I can't judge how well it is working long term...it does appear to help my arm feel less stress. I have muscle or tendon strain ...Would be great if I could sleep with it- however I read it is not advisable. I originally ordered a plain compression sleeve, sizing is way different and not enough support for my condition.
La**** I have bought two for myself and found they work and feel great. Comfortable fit, made extremely well and relieves the pain I get in my arm. I found it worked so well that I purchased another one for my grandson who is a baseball pitcher in high school. He loves it too. It has maintained its compression ability after each washing and always feels secure. I highly recommend this arm sleeve. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I've tried others but, by far, this one is better.
ks**** This item really helped ease the pain in my arm. It’s very well made and seems very durable. Defineatley go one size up from what you think you need. I would have liked to have one more size up for the most perfect fit but the one I have now works. These are unisex for the most part and the seem to be made for long arms. I have to roll mine over about two inches at the wrist. Doesn’t effect how it works and it isn’t a bother just an FYI.
Ma**** I like the fact that it does minimize the pain in my arm caused by tennis elbow. When I used to take it off I would feel pain when I handled something heavy. I wear it 24/7 and feel very little occasional pain. Despite the fact that I have hot flashes it's not too hot and it's easy to roll down if I want to. It also is very long so all lengths of arm should be able to use the sleeve--it bunches up at my wrist but that is not a problem. One extra plus--when my high strung cat trys to scratch me occasionally on the arm --the sleeve thwarts his efforts.
Ty** The sizing on this is on point. Not always so with this type of product. My muscles and joints feel noticeably supported but not over compressed. I work in a job doing repetitive heavy lifting. These have been a game changer at work for me. The only thing I can see to make it better would be to make them into a shirt for cold weather. They're a little hard to wear with a base layer.
Amazon******** The product was as described. I have a terrible case of tennis elbow and have to coach in a racket sport. I use the sleeve during the coaching sessions and sometimes, even when I sleep. The sleeve provides enough compression to relief me of pain. Please follow instruction on the measurement, for it is really snug fitted. Would buy again...Will you have them in another color?

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