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slickr******** I opened the box to see a beautifully designed scale that came with batteries and a cloth for cleaning. Well packaged and the included bonus items were a plus. The app was very easy to setup and sync with the scale. Has the ability to sync with FitBit and Google Fit, which is nice for full overall tracking of your fitness. I was most impressed once I got on the scale and saw how much data about my health was returned to the app. From Body Fat to Muscle Mass to Protein, it provides you with a lot of important info. With that I know what to focus on to improve my health. This smart scale is worth the purchase, it will keep you on track.
Niro***** Such a great value and amazing features! Tracks 13 body metrics. I’ve bought similar scales in the past but they were at a much higher price point and didn’t have half the features of this scale. And something different: it works with an ap for both android and iPhone. Multiple people can use it- which is great bc it stores the data for all the people in my household. And everyone in my household loves it- I have a brother who weight lifts, a mom who’s just trying to be more health conscious, sisters who try to watch their figure- and they all find this scale useful. For the amount of features it has and the impressive technology... I can’t believe it’s priced so low! Definitely worth it, and I would pay much more for a scale with all of these features. Hands down the best scale I’ve purchased ever.
N* I love my Bluetooth scale. It shows me everything. Literally everything. The guys at the gym tell you you’re unhealthy but without enough evidence. This shows you exactly what’s unhealthy about you. Stay on them fit goals people!
An*** I'm so glad I bought this...one of my best purchases! It's very sturdy and I love the sleek design... it even comes with a really nice quality cleaning cloth. It's extremely easy to pair with the app and set up multiple users. I'm excited to use this often to help with our goals on becoming healthy and at the correct weight again! Oh...and it also comes with the recommended batteries which is always a plus! 🤗
Eric ******* The app is pretty cool. I like that you can have more than one member to track weight.
K1*** I like that this scale comes with batteries and a microfiber, so its ready to go when you receive it. It also has an app that im still playing with, it takes body fat measurement a step further. Ill add the review once im done playing.
Bonnie********** I really like the way the scale syncs with my iPhone.

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