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Bộ box inox gồm ca inox thể tích 2 lit ,1canyn ,1 dây nối

Ca inox ,dây nối Việt Nam

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Tr*** I have arthritis and I already have one for my right wrist and got this one for my left, because it helped so much for my right hand. I was getting carpal tunnel numbness when I slept and got the first one and I was so surprised it helped. I would not wake up with numb hands anymore. That got me to buy a second one for the other hand and now I use them every night and no longer wake up with numb fingers or aching wrists. I recommend this one to anyone who has arthritis or carpal tunnel, and it even works great if you wear it while you are using your computer. I am so glad I found a solution that did not involve drugs!
Alic******* I first bought this product about 3-4 years ago. I spend hours and hours a day typing on the computer. I began to have pain in my wrist.. I found this product on line and tried it. I wear it when I'm working on the computer and I do not have pain in my wrist. This is my second one as I really wore the first one ragged. I will continue to use this as long as I have to type on a computer for hours. It really supports my wrist and enables me to do my job pain free
marb***** So far, it works pretty well, is very comfortable and supportive. The only problem I occasionally have is that if it isn't wrapped tightly enough, which can cause it's own problems, it loosens and shifts, effectively taking away some of the support.
Me*** Good for Pain Relief - this is not for support, but if you need pressure on your wrist to relieve pain, this works. It has a thumb sling, so it can fit awkward if not wrapped right. Its pretty soft too. I like it for the most part.
ba** These are soft and comfortable, and offer support without being too rigid. These are great to wear in the gym for extra support. I emailed the original manufacturer of these but they seem to be no longer producing this product which is really unfortunate.
Re*** Very comfortable, the thumb hole is a little big and slides up

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