Đai xương đòn Gia Hưng Số 8


1. Giới thiệu:

Đai xương đòn GIAHU là một sản phẩm mang lại hiệu quả cao cho việc hổ trợ cố định xương đòn. Hình dáng được thiết kế giống số 8 với phần tiếp xúc xương đòn lớn, nhỏ dần khi qua nách bệnh nhân. Cùng với chất liệu mềm dẻo có tính đàn hồi cao, dễ điều chỉnh. Đai xương đòn GIAHU luôn đảm bảo tính chắc chắn, tạo cảm giác thoải mái cho người sử dụng ngay cả trong những hoạt động thường ngày.

2. Chức năng và chỉ định:

- Neo ép, cố định xương đòn.

- Cố định chấn thương gãy xương đòn, trật khớp cùng đòn.

- Vỡ xương bả vai, trật khớp ức - đòn.

- Teo cơ delta, cơ ức - đòn - chũm.

3. Vật liệu:

- Vải cotton, mút xốp.

- Khoá Velcro.

4. Bảo quản:

- Để nơi khô mát.

- Có thể giặt bằng tay sau đó phơi khô bằng ánh sáng tự nhiên.

5. Hướng dẫn sử dụng:

- Tư thế bệnh nhân: ngồi, hai tay chống mạn sườn, ưỡn ngực.

- Lấy đai ra khỏi túi, mở rộng, kiểm tra các dây đai ở tư thế mở.

- Đeo, lắp đai nhẹ nhàng, tránh gây đau cho bênh nhân tuỳ theo các tư thế. Cố định từng nấc từ lỏng đến chặt (đủ chắc, không gây đau hay chèn ép).

- Căn dặn bệnh nhân giữ tư thế cố định cần thiết, kiểm tra định kỳ thời hạn cố định cho từng tổn thương cụ thể theo chỉ định của bác sỹ chuyên khoa.

6. Kích cỡ và thông số sản phẩm:




Kích cỡ/ Size










Số đo vòng ngực (cm)

< 36








> 105

7. Xuất xứ: Việt Nam.

c* I got these to immobilize my Thumb when I had Trigger Thumb. It did the trick and was much less noticeable than using a hand brace. I had been using a brace - which was ugly, made hand washing a pain, and the velcro constantly got caught on my knit clothes. I do recommend getting a few splints as they are small and not easily spotted if they end up in a pile of clothes. I measured as directed and they fit perfectly. Fortunately, acupuncture cleared up the problem, but I will keep them in case I need them again. I had read about these but could not find them at Walgreen's or CVS. Glad to find them on Amazon.
Beverl******** I recently became afflicted with a trigger finger. The pain would keep me up nights and was quite uncomfortable. My physical therapist mentioned Oval 8 and I tried the three size package. It has worked beautifully in keeping my finger from bending and causing pain. It’s not that noticeable when wearing it while I am out. I recommend them heartily.
onlin******* Though expensive for what they are, these things work great. Had a trigger thumb that really hurt and popped a lot during the day, but wearing one of these guys on it at night has totally alleviated the problem. The only down side is the price and the fact that they're easily lost because they are small and lightweight and I keep having to buy more. Definitely work though!
Lady***** These are great for support of arthritic fingers that are hurting. They can also help to reposition and support joints, so that damage doesn’t continue to happen.
F.** These are great for basketball players who chronically get jammed fingers. I wear multiple splints to protect a couple fingers with torn tendons. They are great and don't get in the way of hoopin'. These things prevent my fingers from getting severely re-injured. In cases where a severe dislocation is likely to occur, the splint will protect your joint, but break in the process, sacrificing itself to save you. I'd buy the multipacks because of this.
Susa******* Fits well. Glad I read the reviews of others so I could gauge what size I’d need. I wear this at night to keep the finger from bending while I sleep. I keep it off during the day usually. The issue will never completely go away, but this keeps the finger from hurting. When I do wear it during the day, it stays on my finger pretty well... and it blends great! No unsightly metal splint that draws attention. Completely washable and is the best I’ve found.
Amaz******* "Crooked little mouse" finger. Analyst, mousing since the '70s left index finger painfully arthritic and slightly deformed. These little "miracles" straighten finger and ease pain, without being obnoxiously obvious. Love them!
Mrs**** I really like these finger splints. I use them to keep my fingers from over-extending and they work great for that. They are very comfortable and reasonably priced. I think they are very easy to get used to and decrease the pain in my finger joints.
mat***** cheap alternative for finger braces. use these for years. cheap enough i don't worry when i loose one – i don't think i've ever worn one out...
su** These are more comfortable than the silver ring splints that a physical therapist fitted for me at $110.00 a piece.

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