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Amazon******** Love, love this. My son found this for me on Amazon. I thought I had sciatica which turned out to be lower back arthritis. The pain was, at times, unbearable and moved to my mid-back. This brace was wonderful - when the back spasms started, I used the heat pack. Having both the brace for stability and the warmth of the heat pack literally took away the mid-back pain. I use the cold pack on the sciatica pain. Just put on the brace and go about whatever you need to do. I'm thankful for some relief.
T. **** I hurt my back and hadn't been able to work for a week. Saw this and loved the pocket for the included hot/cold packs. Thought that was a great idea and makes it alot easier to ice or apply heat. Ordered and paid extra for 2 day shipping because I needed it ASAP. I've been using it constantly for 4 days now. Great support and the ice & heat are great, although I haven't been able to use the heat pack because I don't have a microwave. I am 5'7" and about 150lbs, and my measurements were on the end of the medium size so I thought I should order a size up, and it seems to be a good fit. Love the extra adjustable straps on the sides, makes it feel secure. Everything seems to be great quality & company/customer service is wonderful! Thank you!
N** ive tried many different brands, mostly velcro is the failure point. on this particular one, i like that the length is quite good so it wraps around well, velcro is good so far and lots of support. time will tell, i wear it daily (3 actually) to support torso and limit articulation/twisting of trunk due to several vertebral injuries coupled with age and lifestyle. this is quality compared to most ive gone through in the past few years.
* Given I have a larger waist - finding a brace that size is difficult - and this one does work. I've used it almost daily for about a month, and the plastic supports tore out - ehhh - I bought it mostly for the compression ability and ability to hold an ice pack. However, after about the 2 month mark, the velcro on the waist straps (not the compression straps) is starting to not hold anymore - which is a problem as if it doesn't hold - it just falls off. I suspect the reasoning is I sit for long hours and it causes the straps to "wrinkle". Maybe a future enhancement would be to have multiple thinner straps vs one wider strap - which would tolerate the flexing of sitting better. Given the cost however, not sure if lasting for 2-3 months is cost effective - even if it comes with two very nice gel ice/heat packs.
mag**** Wow! This was so helpful in giving me the security I needed to go back to work as a server/bartender, after a back injury almost two weeks ago.. I have been going to physical therapy and got injections and dealing with random bouts of constant degrees of pain. It was suggested to me that I buy a lumbar corset by an orthopedic surgeon, so I purchased this and it was shipped and delivered to me by the next day. I returned to work yesterday and it was so helpful having that much support To my back! The best added surprise was that not only did it alleviate the pain from my injury ( I used the gel pack as well), it made it so much easier for me to stand up from a sitting position without the pain I have had this past year from having arthritis in my lower back. I plan on using the brace for that reason alone , after I recover from this recent injury. I do think that it is important , as well, to strengthen the core of the body with muscle strengthening exercises, but I definitely plan on using this brace for that extra support and reassurance. The quality is great. The Velcro is extremely strong and stays tight and snug on my body.
SoC***** I have had a pinched nerve in my lower back for several years now. I can no longer walk or stand for very long because it becomes painful. I had purchased a lessor priced back brace that had been on T.V. It helped some, but after 5 minutes, my back was really hurting. I saw this on Amazon with great ratings. It gives my back more support for a longer period of time. It did not get rid of the pain altogether, but it did not hurt as much. Another thing I like are the hot and cold packs that are slipped into a pouch on the inside of the belt. The cold one can be used after a minor back strain to keep swelling down. The hot one can be used to relax muscles after a long day.
Hugh******* I've had my Old Bones Back Brace for almost a week now. I was able to feel results on the first day. I have chronic low back pain and have days where the pain makes it difficult to get my work done. The ice/heat packs are great, and will both work either cold or hot. I use the cold pack with the brace for my pain. It allows for several different adjustments for the amount of pressure needed, and seems very sturdy. It has stays/rigid support in it, to keep the brace from rolling up while it's being worn. I'm no pro on back braces, but very glad I chose this one. It does everything I need to get some relief. Update: almost 7 months, and this brace is truly a “back saver”. I use both packs for ice/ cold packs. I do roll one in a bathroom hand towel before inserting in the pouch on the brace and putting it on. Makes me sweat a bit around the mid section, but that’s not a bad thing. I wear it while bending or lifting most of the time. The times I forget to put it on, are the most painful after times! It helps you remember not to over do, also. It’s held up very well to my busy lifestyle with no real complaints. I still take several meds for my chronic back pain, but this Old Bones brace helps out a lot. Highly recommend. PS. Sizing is weird. I got the XL and it fits my 38” waist and larger stomach area just fine.
Vic**** I have chronic low back pain, and I use ice packs regularly. I was on the search for a new ice pack, as the one I had been using was falling apart. I gave this one a shot, and I'm so glad I did. I love how this is double functional, both ice pack and back brace. My particular condition isn't one that benefits or improves with use of a back brace, but it is nice to have that little extra support during the time that I'm icing. But, the brace feature is super helpful in terms of keeping the ice pack in place. The ice pack shifting around has been the biggest problem and annoyance with others that I've tried, so I was thrilled that that is not an issue with this one. I also love that it came with two ice packs. They seem durable and well made, and will hopefully last a long time. As other users have mentioned, it does run a bit small. I ordered a Medium and it was much smaller than I expected, but it fits well enough that I'll keep it and not exchange it for the next size up. However, if I were to gain weight and get a little bit bigger I would definitely need to get a larger size. If you're kind of on the border between sizes or close to it, I'd recommend going a size up. You can always cinch the Velcro a bit tighter if you need it more snug. Overall, this is a great product that I absolutely recommend.
Pat***** I looked at many of these (including the super expensive ones) and am glad I bought this one. Of course since I didn't buy the others I can't compare them, but this one works great. It is not too bulky to wear under my clothes -- so no one even knows I have it on. I also sleep in it if needed. If I put this on when my back first starts feeling uncomfortable I can now ward off the big back aches that would really restrict my activity. I like that is has a pouch for a cold pack -- I have used this as well to ice my back. In the past my back would go out and spasm -- and I'd be out for a week or more. Now I ice it for 10-15 min every hour with this and also wear the brace without ice the rest of the day, resting as needed - and my back has gotten better in a day. I've used it on my lower back and just last week I had a muscle spasm on my side-ish, kind of under and to the side of my shoulder blade and I did all of the same things and I was back in action in a day. Best thing I've ever purchased for my back.
Micke******** This was the third back brace that I ordered while trying to find a replacement for a well used product over many years. The length of the first back brace was too long and extremely heavy, I am a small person but needed a wider belt. The second brace was inexpensive and cheaply made when compared to my original brace. But the third choice, branded as "Old Bones" was a wonderful fit. What is more, the very packaging said quality and caring are important to the manufacturer. In fact, within a day, I received a message from the company asking my opinion and hoping that I was 100% happy with the product. That contact does make a difference in a world where most manufacturers have an attitude of indifference to their customers. Old Bones is a straight forward product unlike so many other braces on the market that are constructed with two belts, the first and a second one to cinch the brace. This brace replaced the older one with the same simple strong velcro closing, put it on pull the ends together, adhere and go on with your tasks in comfort. I did purchase the two pads for heating and cooling with the back brace. The cost is more than for other products, but remember that you are paying for better workmanship and a product that will have lasting value.

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