3128 Ống nghe Littmann Cardio III Đen (Cardiology III)


Mã hiệu: 3128

1. Công dụng: dụng cụ y tế dùng thăm khám bệnh nhân, ống nghe chẩn đoán và thăm khám tổng quát.

2. Thông tin sản phẩm:

+ Mặt nghe làm băng thép không rỉ tạo độ bền cho sản phẩm với thiết kế dò âm hai mặt.

+ Cải tiến trong thiết kế mặt nghe. Kích thước mặt nghe lớn có thể được sử dụng cho người lớn, trong khi kích thước nhỏ được sử dụng cho bệnh nhân gầy gò và đặc biệt sử dụng chuẩn đoán các khu vực đang băng bó.

+ Thiết kế áng trọng kết hợp với sự thuận tiện/ dễ mang trong một ống nghe.

+ Chuông truyền thống kết hợp với màng điều chỉnh được cho phép thay đổi qua lại giữa tần số cao và thấp mà không cần phải xoay mặt.

3. Bảo hành: 5 năm.

4. Xuất xứ:

+ Hãng sản xuất: 3M. Mỹ.

K.L.****** thank goodness I found this! Just wish I'd found it two weeks earlier. Had rotator cuff and labrum tears surgery 2 weeks ago today. The sling I was sent home in was very flimsy in holding my arm, even though it had the bolster pillow behind it. The sling let my arm move loosely and made both my bicep and forearm hurt. After reading great reviews on this Donjoy Ultrasling, my husband told me we had nothing to lose snd ordered it for me. With Prime, it was here in two days. So much more comfortable!!! We measured to make sure i would be in the correct size.The neoprene arm sling is so much more supportive and has velcro straps to hold the sling closer over my arm. It also cradles the hand better and has a place to hold your thumb. The ball grip is an optional piece at the end held in by velcro. We chose to take it off for the time being. Knowing I have another 4 weeks ahead of me with this sling, makes the outlook a little bit brighter for a tough surgical recovery
Steve******** Lucky to find this, after my shoulder surgery this harness offered the best support. I feel it is one of the best ones to purchase, has nice ventilation also. I was surprised to find out how much your arm sweats when it is confined.
Larry******* I've had two shoulder surgeries and this sling was 100% more comfortable than the one my insurance and doctor provided the first time. The buckles make it so convenient to take on and of, instead of pulling off and reattaching velcro, which wears out. If you have to wear an arm sling, BUY THIS ONE !!!
D* My wife needed a sling after surgery and the hospital gave her one three sizes too large. This was a great replacement. The velcro everywhere worked quite well and allowed us to readjust and rework for comfort regularly. It would be nice if the inside of the sling were a material that was gentler on the skin. It is difficult to wear sleeves after surgery and the sling is uncomfortable without one.
Ja**** I used this when I was in this type sling for 6 weeks after rotator cuff surgery. Had one to wear and one to wash. I recommend
ly** Bought this for my SO after he has surgery for his broken elbow. So far it has worked better than any other kind of sling we've tried. It allows him to be able to be mobile and do things for longer periods of time. The strap that wraps around the body has done wonders for stabilizing. I would recommend this product.
St**** Great for shoulder surgery post-op.
Te**** Item was appreciated by a person with surgery on the left shoulder. Feels very comfortable and supportive..and, has a professional look for the workplace.
Ly**** Ordered the dj sling to replace the one given to me at the hospital after surgery so glad I did the quality and comfort outstanding.
Deann******* Great quality and comfortable! Much better than those cheap cloth ones! Actually ran into a guy that works at the company that makes these while I was out of town in an elevator! Small world!

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